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2021 Summer Fashion Trends: Must-have Trendy Pieces for the Summer

The 2021 summer fashion trends are full of staple pieces you already have or items that you never thought you needed. With the right mix and match, the list is filled with clothes wearable for the summer. No crazy outfits but just enough to turn heads while you walk downtown. 

Here are 9 summer fashion pieces that you must definitely try! 

Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are always in trend but they are especially fun and flirty during the summer. Grab yourself one and allow your legs to soak in some Vitamin D. 


A popular pattern that has been around for years and definitely more trendy during the summer where we are reminded of picnic blankets and a fun brunch under the sun. 

Crop Tops

Another staple piece for summer 2021 is the return of crop tops. At some point, we were all wearing crop tops (was it the whole year of 2019?) and then we were not. But this piece is here to return for the summer and remind us all that a little bit of skin never hurt anyone. 


If we are talking about the summer, you are more likely to reach for your open-toe sandals for a more refreshing look. But one of the biggest shoe trends of 2021 is the loafers and they are staying for the whole of summer too! 

Lightweight Cargos

We know, we know. Summer is reserved for shorts and skirts and all that well-ventilated pieces. But we also have a pant trend this 2021 that comes in the form of loose-fitting and lightweight cargo pants. These pants are the perfect bottoms for halter crop tops and tube tops so grab yourself one! 


We don’t think halters were never in trend for the summer. They were trendy back in the 90s and they still are now! Halter tops or halter dresses can be seen roaming the summer streets and totally rocking it. 

Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves are never boring! Even for the summer, puff sleeves dresses always leave a whimsical feeling. A simple short dress looks extra special when you add the puff feature. 

Oversized Tops

We all have one of these. It could be an oversized button-up, a baggy tee, or maybe even one of the boyfriend’s shirts that you stole from his closet. Which is good news because it’s time to dig them up for they are in trend! These pieces are wear-and-go staples. Throw them in with some tube tops or wear them as is. 

Black Face Mask

It still trying times and we hope that the pandemic ends soon and the planet Earth heals. Despite the COVID vaccinations currently rolling, it is still highly recommended that you wear your face masks if you’re out in public. But that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice trendy outfits. 

Black face masks can match every outfit you wear. They also keep you safe from the virus! Since black is such a versatile color, there are endless styling opportunities even with half of your face hidden. 

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