2020 women fashion, Best 2020 Women’s Fashion, Outdressing

Best 2020 Women’s Fashion

2020 women fashion, Best 2020 Women’s Fashion, Outdressing

Although we are still facing a current pandemic, it doesn’t mean that you can’t style up for this year. 2020 may not be the best year for everyone, but it is somewhat a great year on some top fashion trends for women to go through.

Today we are going to enumerate some of the best 2020 fashion trends that women can get into. Note that these kinds of styles are very much accessible to many clothes and apparel stores near you. So, if you’re having trouble finding the right look that is for you, here are some of the best trends that you can try out today.

Feminine Dresses with Chunky Boots

The first fashion style that we will be getting into is the feminine dress with chunky boots. You might say that the Grunge style is back and without doubt, in season again. If you’re fond or block or perhaps bold colors, then this look is definitely something that you are looking for. You might say that this looks also gives out a 90s kind of aesthetic—so if you’re someone who has missed that kind of generation where it’s all about being standing out from out of the ordinary, then this looks is really for you. You can also try out getting into a maxi with a cinched waist too, which is a great way to flaunt your girly side.

Oversized Victorian Sleeves

If you’re looking for a style that has this mix of modern and 19th century Victorian-inspired look, then you should try out wearing oversized Victorian sleeves. The great thing about this look is that its oversize shape can create an illusion of you having a slimmer waist and gives out a feminine touch to your entire appearance. Let your creativity in colors go wild—you can use soft colors or a full gothic theme to it. Express yourself while you pull off that never fading 80s puff sleeve look!

Pastel Bucket Hats

One of the kind of hats that are still very much in trend this year is the pastel bucket hats. It’s no question as to why a lot of women still prefer wearing them, especially during those usual or unplanned trips going out because they are very effective in keeping your head and face safe from the scorching heat. They absolutely look very impressive in any season this year, and its versatility makes this one of the accessories that would go well with any look like that you’re after. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to that zesty lemon or soft pastel colors look, these kinds of hats are timeless on its own regardless of the outfit that you have.

Maxi Faux Leather Coats

This look is, without a doubt, still a thing even this year. Having maxi faux leather coats are ideal when cold and winter seasons come along. Having this while you’re out assures great warmth all day long. If what you’re looking for is that funky or high fashion with grunge twist kind of look, then these long-line fashion pieces are the right ones for you. We highly recommend that you wear in dark and bold colors like emerald or dark red—you can also go all black with for your entire get-up. This is also a perfect look for women seeking for a 90s-inspired winter look aesthetic.

Bucket-Style Bags

Aside from the Bucket Hats, bucket-style bags are still a thing this year. This is also the perfect bag to go around with any look you’re aiming for, especially if you are really needed to go shopping and have a supply run.

For those who curious about how this kind of bag style came to be, the trend began back in 1932 by the famous luxury brand Louis Vuitton. The intension of the bag is to keep champaign fresh. Fast forward to the present; it is now one of the hottest accessories to have due to it offers a lot of room. They are also adorable and perfect to go whatever ever look you’re going for during the day. 

For this case, we highly recommend that whatever the color of your bucket-style back would be, that would also be the color of your entire get-up. You can go to whatever look you like.

Square-Toed Heels

The usual and traditional heels need to go as square-toed heels are now the new thing. These kinds of heels lengthen your legs and place a unique touch into your whole look than the usual ones you’re used to. For the upcoming cold and winter season, we highly recommended that you get those feet free from wearing sandals and just get into a nice pair of ankle booties instead. You’re not only getting your feet the right warmth it needs, but you are also standing out in the cold in style!

Oversized Gold Chain Necklaces

2020 women fashion, Best 2020 Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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In all honesty, oversized gold chain necklaces will never be out of style regardless of what generation of fashion that would come out way in the future. They actually go well with any ensemble you plan to get into when you’re out and about. They absolutely complement to any kind of outfit theme that you are aiming for. Don’t even just stick to one chain of necklace on your neck. In fact, you can actually add in more. This would definitely depend on the look you’re achieving. Remember that it doesn’t hurt to experiment on your look—especially when it comes to accessories as timeless as oversized gold chain necklaces.

If ever you’re going to the office for a meeting or attending a small party, this is a great accessory to add to your look.

Shoes Worn Over Pants

If you’re having a small gathering or coffee with a few groups of friends or have an appointment in your office, this is the perfect opportunity to wear a pair of strappy heels around then ankle of your cigarette jeans, pants, or slack. Be sure to complete your fresh look with a matching colored or themed jacket, off-shoulder blouse, or a nice-looking coat. This is a refreshing look and unique take on the classic fashion style. You are sure to turn a lot of heads by getting into this kind of fashion trend.

Disco Collar

2020 women fashion, Best 2020 Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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When we say that old styles of the 70s, 80s, and 90s are coming back in this current generation, we’re not joking. In fact, the disco collar is still a thing even today. It made a great comeback during the spring, and it is available in either button-downs, jackets, and even in coats.

Having a disco collar looks quite cool in jacket form. It would stand out more if you use a contrasting collar along with your look.  


2020 women fashion, Best 2020 Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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One of the highly recommended materials to wear, especially during the hot and summer season this year, is, of course, Linen. Although a lot of fashion experts already know too well that this material works wonders when it comes to the scorching heat, some might not be too familiar with it yet.

We highly recommend that you mix clothing in any color scheme that you want. It doesn’t really hurt to experiment (or look through various reliable fashion sources for inspiration). Since Linen is very much common material in the fashion industry, you can find a lot of linen blouses, bottoms, and more when you go to your local apparel store.

Baby Doll Dresses

If you’re looking for a simple dress to wear from either casual or semi-formal occasions, wearing baby doll dresses could be your best bet. They are usually a popular choice for summer. This style actually became a trend for the season ever since Cecilie Bahnsen made it known.

Although having the baby doll dresses in light and bright colors are alright, we highly recommend having them in dark colors like red and black—best paired with some cool leather boots.

Neon Colors

If you want to stand out in the same colors as your trusty highlight markers, then getting your tops and bottoms into neon colors are just the thing that you’re looking for. Stand out from the crowd wherever you go. This is perfect for those small parties and gatherings with close friends.

For these kinds, we highly recommend Staud’s Blossom Top that you can style with your simple pair of jeans or maybe bottom pants that match the color of the top. We prefer that you would go with this top and the jeans if you’re aiming for a daytime look, or if you’re going to a small semi-formal party, then best if your top and bottom have matching colors.

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda Shorts are also a thing nowadays due to its simplicity and quite ideal for wearing no matter what kind of appointment or casual event you’re going too. If you’re curious about the name, they are actually a product of sweltering British military office serving the tropical British colonies—this includes Bermuda. Tourists in Bermuda seemed to have gotten the trend, and thus in the fashion world, the Bermuda shorts is born.

Bermuda shorts are best worn with the casual blouses that you were in the office (that is if you’ll be getting back in the office very soon). Also, longer Bermuda shorts are actually suitable for everyday office wear as well.

Sporty Drawstrings

2020 women fashion, Best 2020 Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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If you want to just loosen up without losing your confidence to just stand out from the crowd, then the sporty drawstrings are for you. If you’re sick of wearing heels and sandals, then this one is definitely for you. You can actually wear sneakers along with it. It’s the perfect wear for those small weekend gatherings of an hour stroll in the mall getting some groceries.

Pink and Orange

Add some positive and zesty fun into the clothes you wear for the day by mixing two colors: Pink and Orange. All of you right now might say that they don’t really look good at first. However, if you get to mix them together, you are sure to say otherwise.

Days have been very gloomy nowadays, and what better way to just get into the positive vibes is to wear some bright and positive colors. Getting these colors are not a chore since they are always available in your local apparel store wherever you are.

Side Cutouts

2020 women fashion, Best 2020 Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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If you still want to have that summer vibe look even if the season’s over, you can always go for the side cutout dresses. Have then with the favorite color or style pattern you want. It is one of those easy to wear dresses to get into at any day.

Knit Polos

2020 women fashion, Best 2020 Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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Missed traveling? If ever you just get the look or aesthetics of a local traveler, then Knit Polos are the way to go. They mostly come in white, but of course, there are also other shades of color available to help you set up the theme for your whole look.

Butter Yellow

2020 women fashion, Best 2020 Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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It’s time to ditch wearing dark and gloomy colors and just stand out from the crowd by wearing a butter yellow-themed get-up. Yellow color and the related shades mean sunshine, positivity, warm hugs, and so on. When you think about it, it is actually the perfect theme and positivity boost we need, especially in these difficult times right now.

We highly recommend having a butter yellow shade of a vintage-inspired cami mini dress that is perfect for those small parties and gatherings that you might have during the year.

So these are just some of the looks that you can try out. Yes, we are still pretty much a pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go in style this 2020. We hope this guides you out in finding the right look for you now regardless of any event or occasion you may be attending or attending to.

Aside from your finding the right fashion look for you, always remember to keep safe and follow the proper safety protocols in your home country.

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