, Best 50s Women’s Fashion, Outdressing

Best 50s Women’s Fashion

, Best 50s Women’s Fashion, Outdressing

Fashion in the 1950s was exciting and diverse.

Following Christian Dior’s launch of the ‘New Look’ collection in 1947, women entered a new decade of complete elegance and glamour in the year 1950.

Right now, if you are looking for any inspiration for a fresh outfit, turning to the past fashion trend is always a good and wise choice. 

After all, there are numerous exciting styles and ageless looks that are just waiting to be re-worn. 

Particularly, the 50s fashion trends can make a great era as your reference. Nowadays, there are many keys of 1950s pieces that have found themselves once again in the fashion zeitgeist, making now the perfect time to give your contemporary style a retro twist. 

Presently, the long-lasting decade still remains heavily referenced within the fashion world. 

Most especially, it is being loved for its chic retro style and playful looks including those of the pin-up and rockabilly subcultures. Key designs for the last decade included dresses with cinched waists,poodle skirts, pencil skirts, gingham and design garments, cropped sweaters and cardigans, and far more.

The key shape for the last decade was a female, exaggerated hourglass silhouette. 

So, if you are now ready to infuse your wardrobe with a cool rockabilly touch or a sexy pin-up style, just keep reading. Here is the list of some of the best 50s fashion trends.

The 1950s Dresses

, Best 50s Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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The 50s silhouette was all about the hourglass. Without any doubt, the fit-and-flare dresses were highly popular during that time. However, shirt dresses and fitted pencil dresses were also a favorite choice for stylish women. Of course, regardless of the design , 50s dresses were all generally knee-length with many also featuring a playful colour or print. Moreover, the square-neck and halter neck designs were also trending at that time.

The 1950s Poodle Skirts

Midi-length skirts are a trendy search for several years now. So, it comes as no surprise that the 50s poodle skirt is fitting right in at the instant.

Perfect for special occasions, poodle skirts are designed to flare at the knees, creating a stunning and female appearance. While the design originally featured poodle appliques and other designs, we recommend forgetting this feature when rocking the design today. Instead, specialize in the silhouette and choose a flared or pleated design during a chic, solid color.

The 1950s Sweaters/Cardigans

, Best 50s Women’s Fashion, Outdressing

Add a touch of fifties preppy style to your wardrobe with the addition of cardigans and sweaters.

Perfect for autumn and winter, these classic staples will keep you feeling warm and searching chic. To wear them sort of a real 50s lady, just remember to choose fitted and cropped designs. You can also consider choosing a brightly coloured style and slinging it over your shoulders for a stunning throw-back look.

The 1950s Shoes

, Best 50s Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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Women’s shoes during the 1950s were diverse. There were kitten heels, Mary Janes, sandals, ballet flats,saddle shoes,  wedges, and even sneakers. While you will add all of those to your wardrobe, you ought to consider sticking to people who matched the female sort of the last decade. Nevertheless, there’s nothing that looks better than a kitten-heeled, peep-toe pump with a retro circle dress.

The 1950s Accessories

Ladylike accessories are the key to nailing a stunning, 50s style. So, start buying gloves, vintage-style handbags, and pearl jewellery. Also, don’t forget to take a position during a silk or chiffon scarf. Women of the last decade wore them in several ways, including delicately tied around their necks and wrapped around their barrel curls. Today, you will follow their inspiration or make your own rules with a silk scarf tied around a ponytail or looped on to your handbag strap.

The 1950s Hats

Most mature women still wore hats in the 1950s. They were small flat straw or felt hats with adornments of flowers, feathers, or bows. Decorations were simple. Hats were designed with light materials so that they perched on top of the latest bouffant hairstyles. Some were crescent shapes that saddled the head. Others were plate-shaped or round bowl-shaped. Lace, velvet, felt, fine straw, brushed fur, and mesh provided the inspiration for many small hats.

Small hats with veils are often called fascinator hats today, a term that was not used in the 1950s. There were also whimsies, which were headbands or clips of hat-like materials that gave the suggestion of a hat but it did not compress the hair like most hats did.

Other 50s hat styles included the pillbox hat with tall, rounded edges. The beret made of knit or fuzzy wool circled the head on teens and young women. Plate or saucer hats were the flattest hat and created a halo effect, framing a woman’s face and showing off her dramatic makeup. But it was the bucket hat, called a cloche hat, that was made famous by Audrey Hepburn. It sat on top of the head and added height, yet allowed hair to peek out and around the neck.

Here is another short list of the 1950s Fashion Trends.

  • Tea length swing dresses with petticoats for fullness
  • Slim sheath dresses and tailored suits
  • Pencil or circle skirts, poodle skirts for teens
  • Capri pants, high waisted jeans
  • Peter pan collar blouses
  • Twin set cardigan sweaters
  • Swing coats in winter
  • Kitten heels, saddle shoes, stiletto heels
  • Small hats, headscarves, hair flowers
  • Jewelry: pearls, animal brooches, sweater clips
  • Matching Accessories: Gloves, hat, belt, handbag
  • Lingerie: Bullet bra, girdle, backseam stockings

So, if you are now thinking of trying the 50s fashion trends, below are the list of How -To-Wear the 1950s Fashion. Don’t forget to choose the best one that will perfectly suit you.

  1. Find your fifties style, be it rockabilly, pin-up, greaser, swing or something else.
  2. Aim for an hourglass silhouette with fit-and-flare dresses and poodle skirts.
  3. Throw on a cropped cardigan or sweater for an instant hit of 50s prep.
  4. Add chic accessories like gloves, silk scarves, and pearl jewellery.
  5. Keep your 50s look modern by blending key pieces and styles from the decade into your contemporary wardrobe.

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