, Best 80s Women’s Fashion, Outdressing

Best 80s Women’s Fashion

Fashion was at its boldest in the 80s.

Fashion in this year was all about excess. You can see that everything was bold, big, and absolutely glamorous. Throughout the day, ladies rocked power suits with the big shoulder pads for them to show and to prove that they were just as powerful as the gents. Then when the night comes, they get glammed-up in the sequin and one-shoulder styles. 

, Best 80s Women’s Fashion, Outdressing

Before there was 90s grunge, there was this what they called 80s punk. Eighties punk looks started to trend around the second half.This rebellious look was developed in the later years of the 1980s and represented a dramatic departure from the decade’s glamorous starting point. The love into brands and designer labels was also evident during the decade.

Recently, fashion from the 80s is gaining its popularity once again, but it doesn’t mean that you can just throw on an outfit from 30 years ago and look great in an instant.

For you to wear this look, you need to know first which elements from the 80s to bring back and how to balance the vintage appeal with more modern aesthetics.

It would be impossible to list down all the amazing things that came out of the 80s because there’s just too many. So, below are some of the 1980’s fashion trends.

Big Shoulders

, Best 80s Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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Big shoulders always come to your mind whenever you think of the 80s fashion.

Big thanks to the power suiting trend for women, the 80s had saw shoulders pumped up with extra padding to bold new heights and widths. Currently, big shoulders are an excellent way to add a touch of that unapologetic 80s attitude into your wardrobe. 

Choose between blazers,coats and jackets with imposing shoulder silhouettes to try this trend. Just always remember to keep your waist defined with a belt or by buttoning up to avoid appearing swamped in the fabric.

Bold Colors

, Best 80s Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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The 90s may have had minimalism, but the 80s had its maximalism. Dressing in oversized shoulders,decadent designs, and lashing of fabrics were all a regular part of the decade. It was hardly surprising that the colors were also bold and bright. Today,using color can be a fun and simple way to infuse a modern outfit with an 80s vibe. 

In order for you to rock this trend today, invest in a few pieces in shades such as fuchsia, cobalt, gold, and magenta, and work them into your regular wardrobe.


Eighties glamour and decadence have returned, but this time they were toned down and refreshed for a new take. Today, you can be unique and eye-catching even during the daytime while wearing the sequined dresses as it has been only worn for exciting evening looks back in the 80s.

In order for you to nail this style, all you need to do is to mix your sequined dress with casual pieces like a T-shirt, sneakers and a loose overcoat. Moreover, be sure to bypass the traditional 80s hair and makeup. 

Natural makeup look and simple waves can complete a sequined outfit to its chic style.

Off-the-Shoulder Tops and Dresses

, Best 80s Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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Off-the-shoulder-tops are another glamorous 80s look to return recently. This unique style is starting to take over runways, magazine covers, and streets all over the world as spotted on both tops and dresses.

Although you can easily wear this look during the daytime as an off-the-shoulder top paired with jeans, it is best to keep the single shoulder dresses for evening occasions. 

As this is a statement style, it will definitely create a standout look and can turn a few heads.

Intense Eyeshadow

, Best 80s Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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This time the eyeshadow was also as fierce just like of the style of the 80s. Not only when it comes to the color of the eyeshadow but also for its application. 

Mostly, women would wear their eyeshadow right up to their brows in the 80s. Nowadays, this bold eyeshadow is back, but not exactly the same dramatic way as it was in the 80s. 

Lacey Shirts

, Best 80s Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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Do you know what every shirt needs? It is more of a shirt. That is what they said that in the 80s at least,every shirt had frills on frills. 

Nice button up shirt? Try to toss some frills on it. T-shirt? Also, try it with a couple of frills. Bedtime gown? For sure, that also needs some frills. 

Lace Accessories

, Best 80s Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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In the 1980s, lace was everywhere.

Mostly, because and a big thanks to Madonna’s influence on stage that can be seen in  her music videos, and in 1985’s Desperately Seeking Susan. Starting from gloves and headbands to sheer tops and leggings, anything could be and was made of lace in the 80s.

Side Ponytails

Perhaps, asymmetry was all the rage in the 80s, because ponytails migrated to the side of heads. This trend is a head scratcher that’s gone the same way as the mullet and probably gone forever.

Cut-off Sweatshirts

I guess in order for you to offset the incredible height of  your jeans’ crotches, you cut off the bottom of sweatshirts to show a little belly. 

Why is this combination? Who knows? This particular trend was spread across not just only women but also the opposite gender.

In addition, here is another list of how to have a modern look while exploring the Fashion of the 80s.

Firstly,  work on the essential 80s styles, and then look into your modern wardrobe.

Secondly, wear a jacket, coat or a blazer with shoulder pads as it will instantly add a 80s touch or vibe to any of your outfits.

Thirdly, wear a sequined style during the day to have a fresh take on the trend and at night, wear a one-shoulder design for a glamorous evening look.

Fourthly, look to ruffles and bold colors in order to add a dose of 80s maximalism to outfits.

Fifthly, for you to have a more subtle take on the 80s trend, try to wear a pair of statement earrings with your contemporary clothes.

Lastly, consider rocking a boldly coloured eyeshadow to introduce the ’80s trend into your makeup.

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