clear heels, Why You Should Own a Pair of Clear Heels, Outdressing

Why You Should Own a Pair of Clear Heels

Clear heels have become quite a trend in recent years and many women are looking for the newest styles to add to their shoe collection. However, not all women know what are clear heels and what makes them so trendy. Here is some basic information about this fad for more information.

If you are looking for a versatile pair of heels for both day and nightwear, a pair of clear heels is a wardrobe staple. You can find the perfect pair to complete any outfit you put together, so regardless of what type of fashionista you might be, you will always find a pair that fits you perfectly. 

Plus, with today’s selection, there are even more possibilities than there have been in the past, which gives you endless possibilities for pairing your heels with a wide range of different outfits.

Why you should own a pair of clear heels

clear heels, Why You Should Own a Pair of Clear Heels, Outdressing


One of the advantages of owning a pair of clear heels is that they are a very flexible piece of footwear. Since they are made of plastic, they are not rigid or difficult to walk in. In fact, you will find that walking in your new pair of PVC shoes is more like walking in your favorite pair of jeans than it is about wearing a pair of traditional high heels. 

Because they are less rigid, your body will be able to move in them easier and you will not have to worry about any aches or pains. Even though the material is flexible, plastic shoes are still very much made for feet that have a lot of spring in them.


Because of the flexibility of clear heels, it makes it easy to wear them to almost any type of occasion and to almost any type of outfit. 

For instance, if you are wearing a nice little dress, you will be able to wear your heels virtually anywhere. If you are going out to dinner with your friends, a nice pair of transparent shoes should be able to pair nicely with a nice cocktail dress that you picked out just for the evening. 

If you are going to the gym or even just to the mall with your friends, you can always pair your heels with cute little skirts and stylish tops without having to worry about feeling stiff in any way.

You might find that your clear heels get a bit loose after a while. This is perfectly normal because over time your heels can stretch out. Just be sure that you purchase a pair of shoes that are a bit larger than you would usually wear so that they do not slip out of your foot. 

In addition, if you are going out to a ball or other event where you might end up wearing a bunch of jewelry, it is best to wear a pair of closed-toe closed shoes. This will prevent your jewelry from rubbing against your toes and will prevent them from coming off.

Clear heels are also great to wear on the weekends. You can wear a simple dress but add on a nice pair of wedges and you have a weekend look that is both classy and elegant. A great pair of clear heels can also be worn with jeans and a t-shirt to give an extra casual look. Just be sure to pair them with something more than net-a-porter.

Clear Heels Fashion Tips

While clear heels are a great choice for all occasions, you might want to think twice about buying a pair that have heels in them. 

For example, if you are wearing sandals and your feet get very cold, then you should opt for a pair of PVC shoes with a thicker sole. 

The thicker sole will keep your feet warm and will also give them more of a traction surface. If you are wearing a skirt and you are wearing pointed-toe sandals, then you might also consider buying a pair of sandals with a thinner sole so that your feet will stay inside the skirt and not get stuck on the pointed toe part. 

However, if you do not have sandals that have a thin sole, then you can buy some stock leather or faux leather heels to give your feet more traction.

As you can see, buying a gorgeous pair of clear heels does not have to be expensive. There are plenty of budget-friendly pairs of these versatile shoes available for you to buy into your wardrobe. Just make sure that you are buying from a well-known fashion house and make sure that the style of these shoes matches the rest of your outfit. 

With so many different styles available, there is sure to be at least one pair of these shoes in every wardrobe! So, no matter what your budget happens to be, there are plenty of gorgeous clear heels out there that will match it perfectly.

Top 3 Best Clear Heels You Can Buy in 2021

1. Shoe Land Clear Block Sandal

clear heels, Why You Should Own a Pair of Clear Heels, Outdressing

Designed with the most versatile color in the world combined with comfort. Shoe Land’s Clear Block Sandal is a 4-inch block heel with an open-toe design. It has an elastic heel strap with an adjustable buckle and comfortable padded insole.

The heel’s nude color allows you to pair this footwear with anything and still ending up styling effortlessly.

Check out this gorgeous nude clear heel here!

2. Mackin J Women’s Clear Wedge Sandals

clear heels, Why You Should Own a Pair of Clear Heels, Outdressing

Not all of us will ever be comfortable with pointy heels. But that is why wedge-style heels are invented! But what’s even better is wedge-style clear heels and Mackin J has just that.

The Mackin J Women’s Clear Wedge Sandals is a combination of clear open-toe sandals and comfy wedge heels that can be paired with any type of outfit. It has a soft padded insole made with breathable material that promises comfort all day long. This footwear also has a 4-inch heel, making it the perfect pair for both office and leisure activities.

Check out these comfortable go-to clear heels here!

3. Wetkiss Pointed-Toe Clear High Heel Sandal

clear heels, Why You Should Own a Pair of Clear Heels, Outdressing

If you’re planning to get married in style, definitely go for Wetkiss’ clear high heel sandal!

The shoes have a pointed toe with sparkling rhinestone embellishments, a clear ankle strap, and a 4-inch heel that will make your wedding day extra special. What’s even more perfect is the comfort these clear heels bring. It has a soft sole, cushioned footbed, and slip-resistant outsole.

Of course, you can pair these heels with basically anything, other than your own wedding day! It’s the perfect footwear for multiple outfits and can be worn through different seasons.

Make your day extra special and check out these gorgeous heels here!

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