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The Best Designer Bags of 2021 That Will Forever be in Style

The perfect designer bag will be pricey but the fashionistas of the world know it’s worth the money. It can upgrade your bad day look and instantly make you runway-ready. Once you’ve found the perfect one (or two? Or maybe three!), you’ll find yourself always reaching out to them, regardless of the occasion and OOTD. That’s how versatile they are! 

In fact, this is why most like to splurge on designer bags. There’s no need to worry about what to style them with. Want to know something even better? Some designer bags will never be out of style. Buy them in 2012, see them come back even more popular in 2022. Definitely worth the money. 

So if you’re looking for a designer bag that will forever be in trend, there are your must-haves! 

The Classics

Iconic and timeless. Seen in the hands of first ladies, world-famous actresses, and heiresses, there are some designer bags that are just a bit more special than the others. 

Take Hermès’ Birkin, for example. First released in 1984, it was first seen hanging off the arm of Jane Birkin. 37 years later, it is still a treasure that some people would spend their fortune on. Other noteworthy classics are Hermès’ Kelly, Chanel’s 2.55, and the Lady Dior. Surely, one of these classic bags you will find suits you the best, though they carry a heavier price tag. 

Birkins are highly sought-after and can cost more than $200,000, while the others continue to rise in prices every passing year. Good thing is, the more popular ones tend to appreciate in value so they are definitely a worthy investment. 

Oldies but Goldies

Retro bags way back from the 90’ and ‘00s are making a grand comeback! It’s been a decade or two but the “it” bags of the past are slowly making their way back into our hearts. 

Dior’s famous saddlebags, which are first seen in Spring/Summer 2000 collection, were reinvented by the brand in 2018, designed to suit both men and women. 

Prada’s nylon mini-bags were gone with the winds but they are suddenly seen hanging off the arms of celebrities and influencers during the year. 

Now, we wonder. Which oldie but goldie bag will make its redebut again? 

The Crossbody

For the busy bees of the world, crossbody bags are definitely a must-have. Its practicality is perfect. Hands-free and can be brought anywhere you need to go. 

It’s difficult to pinpoint when exactly crossbody bags became a huge trend. It’s just that style of bag that has always been there, never going out of style and designed to be better and prettier as the seasons passed. 

Crossbody bags come in different sizes but there are also designer crossbodies that are large enough to hold your phone, wallet, and other day-to-day necessities. 

Top-Handle Bags

Top-handle bags are another classic and timeless piece. It’s perfect for those brunches you have with your friends, where you are just there, sitting pretty, in pretty clothes and an equally pretty bag. If you expected a day out, dominated by sitting and resting, grab your designer top-handle bag and put it on display. 

If you are feeling fancy and decided to dress up, a top-handle bag is a perfect accessory to complete the look. Tie a silk scarf around the handle and let it vamp up your look. 

Everyday Black Bags

If you plan on splurging on a bag that’s practical and worth every penny, definitely get one of those medium-sized designer black bags.

Medium-sized meaning they’ll fit in more essentials, whether it’s for work or leisure, and in color black, one of the most versatile colors in the world. It goes with every other color out there and definitely a color that never goes out of style.

It could be Saint Laurent’s Sac De Jour or CELINE’s 16 Bag, there’s a perfect black bag for you! Think of it as a little black dress, now isn’t that a statement piece inside every girl’s closet.

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