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How to Dress: Simple Balloon Sleeve Fashion (Updated 2021)

Statement sleeves have been on the style radar for the last couple of seasons, however, this current season’s incarnation – balloon sleeves, are having somewhat of a moment in the fashion world. 

Balloon sleeves are said to be a spin-off from the statement sleeves resurgence which every ladies have been enjoying in recent years. Balloon sleeves are all about additional puff and volume, however, with a fitted cuff.

Like a Bishop sleeve (which is typically found in sheer textures and offer a more delicate as well as feminine version of the look) it’s tied in with amping up your proportions and styling them either with a loose and eccentric boho stylish or with a clean minimal type of look. 

While extra-long sleeves are loosened up, balloon sleeves are puffed up to be short and wide. The round style is then assembled toward the end, so the general shape looks like a semi-deflated balloon. This interesting sleeve plays with an extent that is diverse to the wide range of various statement sleeves, which is the reason why you should add it to your new collection. 

Here are simple tips for you on how to wear your balloon sleeves or puff sleeves. 

First, consider what size sleeve you want and perfectly suit your body.  As puff sleeves can go from small to voluminous style. In this way, it’s a smart thought to consider how much volume you need prior to choosing a puff sleeve piece. 

Next, always consider where the volume is concentrated. Sleeves with the majority of the volume/puffiness concentrated close to the shoulder will definitely make your shoulders seem more extensive than they naturally appear. On the contrary, sleeves with the volume distributed all the more uniformly offer a more adjusted and balanced silhouette.

Then, consider what else you’re wearing and what you want to pair it with. If ever that you’re wearing a puff sleeve top, it’s essential to consider what sorts of bottoms you’re matching with it. On the off chance that you prefer to wear the sleeves on your top to stand apart more, you can pair it with a slimmer-fitting base (for instance, pair it with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans). Notwithstanding, in case you’re after an all the more uniformly proportioned look, go for bottoms with more volume to them(for example, A-line skirt or flared jeans).

Finally, remember that you may need to explore a smidgen to discover the best combination that perfectly works for you. 

In addition, the greatest tip or recommendation when choosing your own balloon sleeve piece is to consider its proportions. Once more, you would prefer not to resemble an actual balloon, isn’t that so? It is best to settle on a style with, what stylists consider, to be a pretty agreeable level of “puff” in contrast with the more fitted dress.

Balloon sleeve alternatives can go from the excessively sensational to pretty subtle – so it’s absolutely up to you how big you go! 

Here a few lists of Balloon Sleeves Style you can try.


balloon sleeve, How to Dress: Simple Balloon Sleeve Fashion (Updated 2021), Outdressing

This cool, ’90s-inspired puff sleeves outfit is an extraordinary introduction to the world of puff sleeves. In spite of the fact that the top is dressy, the look is actually casual, making it a great option for your everyday wear. 

How to wear it 

To achieve the look, style fun, and ladylike puff sleeve top and pair it with a dark color cropped flares. 

Next, add some radiance with a classy look gold choker neckband, a sweet butterfly armband, and a few charming heart hair clips.

A particular cow print crossbody bag is a stylish way to convey your essentials. In any case, to keep the look more grounded, it’s a smart thought to offset it out with some much simpler footwear, just like wearing a sneaker. 

To finish your overall look, you can always swipe on some holographic lip gloss. As simple as that, you’re already good to go! 

Keep in mind: When deciding to try this look or style, make sure to consider everything needed even the smallest detail, just like the perfect color combination and so on.


balloon sleeve, How to Dress: Simple Balloon Sleeve Fashion (Updated 2021), Outdressing

When it comes to this night-out-prepared look, it is best to choose to toss a pink puff sleeve jumpsuit in with the general mish-mash.

How to wear it 

To make this stylish and sophisticated look, start by blending the jumpsuit with either neutral-hued patent ankle boots or pairing it with turtle print heeled sandals, contingent upon the climate as well as what sort of style and aesthetic you’re going for. 

At that point, snatch a statement-making oversized gold clutch. With regards to jewelry, demonstrate that toning it down would be best with oversized heart-formed circles and a striking ring duo. 

You can pull your overall look with a hot pink matte lip, and you’ll be prepared to move the night away in style! 

Keep in mind: Always consider what you think is perfectly suited for you when it comes to color, accessories to be paired with, and so forth.


balloon sleeve, How to Dress: Simple Balloon Sleeve Fashion (Updated 2021), Outdressing

In the event that you like a good prairie young lady reference, then for sure, you’ll love this romantic and sweet outfit! (Also, this puff sleeve dress would look so charming with downpour boots in the fall!) 

How  to wear it 

To achieve this look, start by tossing on an exquisite, loose-fitting flower printed puff sleeve dress. Next, slip on a pair of white ankle boots, and get a cool beaded handbag. 

Then, eclectic jewelry —, for instance, pearl drop circles, an antique-roused baby ring, a beaded shell wristband, and a piece of delicate heart jewelry — really hoist the look. 

To complete your overall look, touch on some woodsy aroma oil that is bundled in a beautiful bottle that would look amazing on any vanity. 


balloon sleeve, How to Dress: Simple Balloon Sleeve Fashion (Updated 2021), Outdressing

Typically, puffy sleeves are little attention stealers. In the event that you need to adjust or balance your sleeves, a style component that can hold fast against a big sleeve is vital. 

How to wear it 

You can always opt for maxi dresses. The floor-length silhouette of a maxi dress outwardly levels out the show occurring up top and adds to the statement of the general look. Despite the fact that this style combo moves from pirate-inspired looks, it still feels like there is potential here for a film establishment highlighting female pirates in maxis with puffy sleeves. 

And definitely, you can also try this look. But, just make sure to always be detailed in everything you need to get the look.


balloon sleeve, How to Dress: Simple Balloon Sleeve Fashion (Updated 2021), Outdressing

On the off chance that puffy sleeves stay unchallenged, their eye-catching volume tends to overwhelm your look, which is putting you on the fastest track going to the pirate-zone. 

How to wear it 

Fortunately, there’s a simple answer for suppressing the dramatization occurring in the upper half — you should simply cinch it in your waist. 

By adding a component that attracts the waist, you add definition and maintain the focus where it has to belong: on the look in general.

Regardless of whether you pick a peplum shape, a thick belt, or corset detailing a cinched waist is an extraordinary shape-characterizing subtlety, as observed in the stunning dress from the spring 2020 Mara Hoffman collections.

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