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How to Dress: Cardigan Trend (Updated 2021)

Most of the time, a cardigan is being used as a shorthand for looking frumpy. Yet, the old cardigan doesn’t need to look old-fashioned. It can likewise be one of the most up-to-date, stylish things in your closet room. Not exclusively would it be able to keep you comfortable in a cooler climate, yet it can likewise make you look taller and slimmer, bringing you to beat modern fashion style. 

Cardigan is also one of the most advantageous trends for the light winter seasons. In fact, it is known for being versatile and comfy to wear, and can conveniently be blended with any garment you own and worn on any event. 

Moreover, cardigans are a thing of garments that pretty much every lady will have in her closet. Cardigans are accessible in a wide scope of various shadings, sizes, shapes, materials, patterns as well as prints – they’re unquestionably not all made similarly, with certain cardigans being better for certain body types, and others being an ideal match for particular outfits. 

Picking the ideal cardigan to fit your body type as well as the rest of your outfit can get a bit confounding on occasion, however, setting aside the effort to settle on the correct choice is significant. 


Sort out what length/style of cardigan that will perfectly fit your body type

cardigan, How to Dress: Cardigan Trend (Updated 2021), Outdressing

Similarly, as with all matters of design, ladies bodies are on the whole extraordinary so certain styles will be more complimenting on a few than others. 

Realize what works for you by taking a stab at various styles and lengths of cardigans — take pictures in case you’re uncertain, and think about it.

Wear perfectly-sized garments underneath or a dress that is belted

Particularly when the cardigan is slouchy, ensure the outline underneath is perfectly-sized to your body figure; or else you will look bigger than you are. 

Size down in longer cardigans and additionally pick cardigans that are more fitted to your body

Slouchy cardigans are getting trendy for the more youthful set, yet let’s face it — except if you are tall and blessed with skinny body type, slouchy oversized cardigans will in general add visual weight to your figure. 

Focus on the fitness of your arms

This is another huge disclosure in the wake of contrasting a few pictures wearing different cardigans. Your top choices — and the ones you feel are most slimming — are the ones that have skinnier arms. 

You can show some skin

cardigan, How to Dress: Cardigan Trend (Updated 2021), Outdressing

This is much more likely about what you wear under your cardigan than the style of your cardigan. 

Most women wear cardigans to feel comfortable and warm, so it’s enticing to toss a cardigan over a turtleneck or team neck top, yet most cardigans will be much all the more complimenting over an open-neck top. 

Pretty much every lady, regardless of what her size or body type, glances best in a top that shows her collar bones — particularly when a large portion of the remainder of your body is concealed. 

So in case you’re stuck on crewneck tops and turtlenecks, have a go at trading them out for a v-neck or scoop neck. You might be astounded by how much difference it makes to your overall looks! 

Focus on current trends 

Like with some other piece of clothing, cardigan trends advance as well, and you will always look less unattractive in case you’re wearing a more current style — as long as it is perfectly suitable for your body type. 

Take a try at matching a graphic tee paired with a long cardigan — the graphic tee makes a satisfying juxtaposition with the more refined cardigan. 

Or on the other hand, you can try a cardigan over a printed cami to achieve that dressier look. 

Also, this is taking the cardigan in a very surprising way, yet at present, the shorter cardigans are making its comeback to the fashion world, mostly being worn buttoned-up.

Try not to disregard the rearview

The long, straight cardigans are having a second at this moment, however, make a point to take a gander at the rearview before choosing to buy one. They may look OK from the front, yet if you turn around, they can turn out badly. 

To get the balance right is the key to perfect your overall look. While larger than usual size cardigans are a vital trend right now, picking huge, somewhat-adjusted shapes can make you look bigger than you are. 

At the opposite end of the spectrum, perfectly-sized twin sets can be looked frumpy in a particular outfit. In any case, this 1950s feel can likewise look snazzy relying upon the rest of your look. 

Here are a few lists of cardigan outfits you can try.

Waist Length and Cropped Cardigans

cardigan, How to Dress: Cardigan Trend (Updated 2021), Outdressing

The waist-length cropped cardigan is likely the most well-known style of a cardigan, and will undoubtedly claim in any event one. 

How to wear it 

Cropped cardigans work out positively for fit and flare style dresses, and look particularly jazzy when it is paired with high waisted skirts. In case you’re anticipating blending a waist-length cardigan with a skirt or a dress a good rule guideline is to ensure that the hem of the cardigan ought not to fall anything else than a couple of crawls past the belt. 

How not to wear it

If ever you’re wanting to wear a waist-length cardigan, don’t combine it with a long top, as the distinction in lengths makes an over the top difference, and makes your body look an odd, messed up shape. 

Oversized Cardigans

cardigan, How to Dress: Cardigan Trend (Updated 2021), Outdressing

Oversized cardigans with Aztec prints are certainly directly trendy this season. 

How to wear it 

In light of all the bulk that an oversized cardigan makes, you’ll need to keep your legs looking overall quite slim conversely, so pair them with skinny pants or leggings. Ripped skinny jeans look extraordinary with a striking printed Aztec oversized cardigan. 

How not to wear it

Once more, in light of the fact that oversized cardigans are so cumbersome, you’ll need to avoid adding any additional bulk to your outfit. Try not to wear floaty skirts, loose-fitting bottoms, or boyfriend jeans – you’ll just wind up looking wider as well as bigger than you really are. 

Boyfriend Cardigan

cardigan, How to Dress: Cardigan Trend (Updated 2021), Outdressing

Boyfriend cardigans are practical, casual, and casual – and can be matched with basically anything! 

How to wear it 

On account of the more drawn out length of the boyfriend cardigan, they work better with bottoms that are fitted and slim, for example, leggings, skinny pants, pencil skirts, or even shorts. 

How not to wear it

The more drawn out length of a boyfriend cardigan doesn’t, in general, go very well with longer, floaty outfits – so avoid blending them with skirts or full dresses. 

Wrap Cardigans

cardigan, How to Dress: Cardigan Trend (Updated 2021), Outdressing

Just like the oversized cardigans, wrap cardigan sweaters are a less bulky choice. 

How to wear it 

You can pair it with dull hued jeans or leggings, which will help to please show your figure and stretch your silhouette.

How not to wear it

Try not to combine wrap cardigans with short skirts–the more drawn out length is simply not a good match. In fact, even with knee-length skirts, the draped lapels of a wrap cardigan will make a bizarre extent and not compliment your shape well.

If you need more cardigan outfits, check this lookbook out!

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