Pick your Bridesmaid Dresses, How to Pick your Bridesmaid Dresses in 5 Easy Ways, Outdressing

How to Pick your Bridesmaid Dresses in 5 Easy Ways

You got the perfect wedding dress. You love it to bits! And now you need to find a few more bridesmaid dresses to complement it. That’s another wedding planning challenge a bride has to overcome. Aside from factoring in your wedding look, your bridesmaids also have different body shapes, preferences, and budgets that you need to consider. Here are our tips on how to pick your bridesmaid dresses. 

How to Pick your Bridesmaid Dresses

Pick your Bridesmaid Dresses, How to Pick your Bridesmaid Dresses in 5 Easy Ways, Outdressing

Picking bridesmaid dresses can be a difficult task but plenty of brides have done it by themselves and here is our guide so you can too! 

Here are 5 easy tips on how to pick your bridesmaid dresses.

Keep your wedding gown in mind

After your wedding gown, the rest follows.

What will your mother wear? How about your dad? The groom’s parents?

How to pick your bridesmaid dresses?

Before choosing your bridesmaid’s dresses, make sure you keep your wedding gown in mind. There should at least be a level of cohesiveness so it’ll look good in photos and on your wedding day. 

If you have a vintage-style wedding gown, choosing trendy and modern silhouettes for your bridesmaids is a no-go. If you are dressed in something romantic and magical, you can choose bridesmaid dresses with flowy fabrics. 

If your wedding gown is modern and bold, you can experiment with your girls’ dresses by choosing different textures and styles. 

Consider their budgets

Just a gentle reminder for all brides-to-be out there. 

Traditionally, bridesmaids pay for their dresses and if yours are paying for theirs, you need to be considerate of their budget. Keep in mind their lifestyle because a bridesmaid’s dress surely is not the only thing on their plate. 

If you worry that your wedding is a financial burden to your bridesmaids, search for dresses in a more affordable price range or pick a color and have them search for their dress so they have better control of their budget. 

Of course, buying is not the only option for there are multiple affordable wedding dress shops online and offline that allow you to rent dresses from high-end designers in a wide range of colors and styles. 

Know their figures

If all is decided and you are to pick your bridesmaid dresses, consider their body shapes and style preferences. 

Usually, their preferences can be seen in their casual wear so if bridesmaid number 1 avoids crop tops, miniskirts, and fitted outfits, it’s best to assume they won’t be comfortable with having those styles for their bridesmaid dress as well. 

If your bridesmaids have different body shapes and one dress style for all of them is a challenge, you can pick a specific range of colors and have them choose their dresses. But if you want matching dresses, look for one that allows alterations to make your entourage feel more comfortable, such as adding sleeves or covering up that plunging neckline. 

Take note of your venue

Similar to how you chose your wedding dress by the venue, you should do the same when you pick your bridesmaid dresses as well.

When choosing styles, fabrics, and silhouettes, take note of your wedding location. It’s a small detail compared to the whole wedding preparation but trust us when we say your girls will thank you for this. 

If you are planning a beach wedding, it is best to choose bridesmaids’ dresses with breathable and lightweight fabrics. On the other hand, if your wedding is at a cooler location with a colder temperature, opt out of strapless or sleeveless dresses and make sure to provide wraps or cover-ups. 

Don’t dictate too much

As a bride, you want your wedding day to be as perfect as possible. 

But it might do no good if you dictate your entourage too much. 

First, let them pick their footwear. While that particular pair of high heels are the perfect footwear to go with their dresses, it’s also another expense to think about. And like the dress, they won’t probably wear the shoes again, especially if it’s too high or in a color that’s hard to match. They are most like to have a pair of neutral-colored shoes they are comfortable in. 

Second, let them accessorize. Once again, you might think that wearing the same necklaces, earrings, and bracelets is the perfect toppings for your wedding day. But if you let your bridesmaids accessorize themselves, you are giving your entourage that modern feel by having them express themselves through jewelry. 

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