ripped jeans, A Quick Guide to Ripped Jeans and how to wear them, Outdressing

A Quick Guide to Ripped Jeans and how to wear them

Are you searching for information on what are ripped jeans? If so, you have come to the right place. This article is what you were looking for, detailed information on what are ripped jeans and some cool fashion tips on how to pair them up with different types of clothing. Read on

What are ripped jeans?

ripped jeans, A Quick Guide to Ripped Jeans and how to wear them, Outdressing

True to its name, ripped jeans are simply jeans with rips and tears on them. This imperfection can be found on the knees but it could also appear on any other possible locations on the pants. 

These rips are usually caused by a bunch of factors. It could be due to frequent use, purposely ripped by the jean owner, or a manufacturing defect. 

Ripped jeans are also commonly called ‘distressed jeans’ and were popular during the rock and heavy metal era in the 1990s and 2000s. 

Most people are quite hesitant when it comes to wearing ripped jeans due to the stigma attached to it. But most people need to understand that there are certain ways in which this type of fashion makes you stand out. Basically, this type of jeans is a sign of style and boldness. 

How to wear your ripped jeans

If you wear it with a tee-shirt underneath or some tee shirts with crazy prints, you will definitely draw attention. You can also wear almost any type of outfit with it, such as a button-up or a sleeveless shirt. A basic blazer, loose top, peep shirt, and cropped tops would all be ideal to wear with this type of jeans.

Ripped denim has many different styles and cuts, starting from the traditional t-shirt wearing distressed jeans to the street style look. With so many different options, one must not feel limited when it comes to wearing this particular fashion style. 

Remember, if you want to wear it casually, then go for a simple top and jeans. If you are looking for something more sexy and funky, then go for a more showy and flattering top with ripped skinny jeans that accentuate your hips and legs. 

Remember, the key to any good fashion statement is to make it as unique and individual as possible!

Ripped jeans for the casual street style so pairing it with a graphic shirt or even a plain white one can be the perfect outfit for a chill day out in the streets. Aside from that, a more conservative top like a sweater or even a hoodie is a perfect match too. 

Remember, this style will go with almost everything so try a few different combinations before settling on one. Remember that distressed jeans are all about taking a risk, so experiment with colors and patterns until you find what works for you.

Where to find ripped jeans?

The internet is a great place to find distressed jeans fashion ideas. There are many online stores that will sell these types of clothing. Here you will not only get to see what is readily available but will be able to shop from the comfort of your own home. 

Most online stores offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount of money on their site. This way you are not forced to pay a premium for shipping which can sometimes be quite expensive.

How to pick ripped jeans?

Another important factor to consider when buying jeans is the type of material used in manufacturing them. Denim jeans are usually constructed out of a variety of materials including denim, twill, stretch, and cottontail. 

Authentic jean materials are usually a bit on the heavy side, especially compared to faux jean fabric that you can buy cheaply at any other store. However, you do not need to be heavy to look stylish. 

Skinny jeans are also available in many different cuts and styles so you do not have to stay with a big block calf style. Skinny jeans are ideal for everyday wear and are also great for going out and partying. Choose a pair that fits snugly but does not cut off your movements.

If you are looking for a great fashion statement, nothing can compare to a pair of denim. A pair of high-quality jeans can make anyone look cool, classy, and stylish. 

They are also one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing that you could own. Be sure to keep an eye out for great deals at all times and you will never regret your purchase!

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