Activewear Brands, The Best Activewear Brands of 2021 You Need to Shop At, Outdressing

The Best Activewear Brands of 2021 You Need to Shop At

Let’s admit it. One of the reasons for the motivation to work out is chic activewear. Be it a home workout, a sweaty gym session, or even a quick run at the park, stylish sport bras and squat-proofed leggings just make exercising better and a lot more bearable. So workout with fashion, sweat with style. Here are the best activewear brands to shop on! 

Activewear Brands, The Best Activewear Brands of 2021 You Need to Shop At, Outdressing

Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga’s activewear designs are exactly the type you’d see on supermodels like the Hadid sisters and Candice Swanepoel, who did a series of digital workouts for the company. Definitely on the stylish end of the spectrum, Alo Yoga’s design will make you want to work out every day. 

Tory Sport

The international brand Tory Burch has released its own line of impressive activewear called the Tory Sport. Its bestsellers are designed with Coolmax® EcoMade fibers and classic styles that are sure to be a staple for everyone. 


One of the best and long-lasting activewear brands there is! Nike has been in the game for activewear for yeaaaaars. And their activewear is famous for being worn beyond the gym. It’s no longer surprising to see someone lurk around the mall in Nike activewear. We love their DRI-Fit tech, they are thinner, stronger, and more light than traditional stretch yarns and let you more freely. 

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is everything we love in a brand. First, they are of the few activewear brands that have an outstanding range of sizes, from XXS to 6XL so we are sure that there’s something for you in this brand. Second, the brand prioritizes the environment above everything else. This means their items and packaging are made and manufactured using eco-friendly materials and processes. 


Lululemon is one of everyone’s favorite activewear brands and definitely, a crowd favorite. No fitness lover hasn’t heard of Lululemon and their impressive leggings. But the brand is more than just their bestselling pair of leggings. They offer a good range of activewear and even comfortable boxing wraps for your boxing training. 

Full Court Sport

Full Court Sport is an indie Portland-made brand that solely started as a tennis line. Now, they’ve transformed into an exceptional company that produces necessary full-body activewear. The brand is known for its classic and timeless designs, as well as its modern color schemes. 

P.E Nation

Don’t just love it when a clothing company does everything it can to provide awesome clothes but at the same time, save Mother Earth? 90%of P.E Nation’s is one of the activewear brands whose athletic wear is made out of recycled and regenerative fibers. No wonder the Jenners and the Hadids love this brand and are seen wearing graphic pieces by founders Pip and Claire. 

PRISM Squared

More and more activewear brands are taking an environment-friendly approach to produce their fashion items and we love it. PRISM Squared’s pieces are sustainably made in Italy with a minimal-waste production technique that uses 3D knitting and is dyed using eco-friendly dyes. 

Hollywood star Kate Moss and her daughter Lila Moss are seen wearing PRISM Squared. 

TWENTY Montreal

TWENTY Montreal is made by a family-owned circular knitting factory based in Canada and has trademarked the terms “3D Activewear.” Their line of activewear is a new category of performance sportswear due to their 3D knitting technology. 

Lapp The Brand

Lapp The Brand was launched by model and activist Leomie Anderson and aims to make wellness more inclusive. Hailey Bieber and Rihanna are fans of the friend, and honestly, we are too! 

Heroine Sport

Inspired by ‘women distinguished by strength, endurance, and empowerment, Heroine Sport is definitely for the girl bosses out there! The brand is bold, bright, and funky. It’s pretty hard not to fall in with everything they release! 

ASOS 4505

At this point, ASOS has everything available on their site. It’s basically a one-stop-shop by now but one thing we want to tell you is to not skip their 4505 line. The whole line has a wide range of sizes. For taller people to shorter ones, from maternity to curvy women, and is available in UK size 4 to UK size 30. Tip! Their leggings are soft to the touch and a must-have! 

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