Mom Bags, The Best Mom Bags of 2022, Outdressing

The Best Mom Bags of 2022

As your child grows, you’d soon find those cute baby bags you bought when they were younger just plain bothersome. You’ll grow to dislike those cute patterns and bulky structures and find yourself looking for other bags that’ll fit your daily outfits more. But no worries, aside from those colorful diaper bags, there are multiple mom bags out there that gives the same practicality, room, and style without you looking like a walking carebear. 

The Best Mom Bags of 2022: Practicality and Style

The most sought-after mom bags are those that don’t look like diaper bags. So while you might think it’s completely impossible to sacrifice style for room and practicality, you thought wrong.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best mom bags that offer the space you need for baby stuff and at the same time, look fabulously stylish on you. 

Kattee Vintage Genuine Leather Tote Shoulder Bag

Mom Bags, The Best Mom Bags of 2022, Outdressing

One of the best diaper-in-disguise bags has to be Kattee Vintage Genuine Leather Tote Bag. For one, it looks nothing like a diaper bag! It features a sleek and classic design with a square shape and thin straps. It is made from genuine leather, however, the material is soft and will still look sturdy and gorgeous ever after numerous use. 

It has a total of 5 pockets, some are zippered while some are open pockets. It is perfect for organization and dividing the bag between your baby’s needs and yours. 

If you have a toddler, chances are you like to save your money for something more important than a bag. This is no problem since Kattee Vintage Genuine Leather Shoulder Bag cost less than a typical designer diaper bag. It’s stylish and affordable, definitely a huge check off the bucket list. 

Nodykka Tote Bag

Mom Bags, The Best Mom Bags of 2022, Outdressing

If you love Kattee Vintage’s Shoulder Bag but is looking for something cheaper, the Nodykka Tote Bag is the one for you. This is a trendy and stylish bag that’s an ideal choice if you are carrying both your and your kid’s need on a day-out. 

It is made with sleek artificial leather with a magnetic closure that’ll look good with any outfit. However, do note that it doesn’t contain multiple pockets or compartments but instead, only one slip pocket inside. But we think it’s one of the best mom bags if you are out on a quick errand with your little one. 

Myhozee Women Tote Crossbody Bag

Mom Bags, The Best Mom Bags of 2022, Outdressing

Myhozee Women Tote Crossbody Bag is not as bag as your usual beach tote bag but it can surely hold a lot! For working moms who need to have their laptops with them, this tote crossbody bag can hold your device for you as you hustle around with your kid. Aside from that, you can also pop in a tablet, your child’s homework, and a water bottle! 

There are interior and exterior pockets for easy access and the inside has tons of space for whatever you need to bring for you and your kid’s day. 

LOVEVOOK 3-Piece Purse Set

Mom Bags, The Best Mom Bags of 2022, Outdressing

Mommy’s all around the world love a versatile bag and this 3-Piece Purse Set from LOVEVOOK is the perfect all-rounder bag that comes with a large tote, messenger bag, and a waller clutch. It comes in over 20 colors so the options for which bag to wear for your Mom OOTD are endless! 

This 3-piece gives you multiple bag options, depending on your day. A long day outside with tons of things to bring? Take the tote. A short grocery trip, maybe? The messenger bag or the wallet clutch would do! Each piece is designed to make sufficient space for whatever it is you need to bring! 

Small Kita Convertible Leather Backpack

Mom Bags, The Best Mom Bags of 2022, Outdressing

When you are a mom, a hands-free bag is one of life’s greatest inventions. You are always bound to hold one thing or another on both hands and having a sturdy bag that you sling around you is surely one of your convenient purchases. 

This Small Kita Convertible Leather Backpack can be carried two ways. One, it can be a convertible backpack then you can transform it into a purse with a handle. It is super fashionable and has adjustable straps. It has a zipper closure at the box and more internal and external zippers and slip pockets on the inside. 

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