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The 12 Best Sleepwear Brands for a Fashionable Night’s Sleep

Great bed sheets and soft pillows almost guarantee a good night’s sleep but, everything is better with pretty and comfortable sleepwear. Just when you think fashion stops the moment you step inside your home, these impressive sleepwear brands prove that you can take it to bed. 

The best sleepwear brands have it all for you! Whether it’s long or short pajama sets, silky slips, cozy sleepshirts, nightgowns, or camisoles. There’s no way you can resist soft and breathable cotton material or splendid silks. Especially now that we are spending time at home more than ever, sleepwear and loungewear have become a staple and a must-have on our closets. 

The Best Sleepwear Brands for a Stylish Slumber

People who say fashion stops at the front door don’t know where to shop for the best sleepwear. Just because you are going to bed doesn’t mean style and aesthetic should too! Here are the best sleepwear brands to shop at for a fashionable good night’s sleep. 


Based in Gold Coast, Australia, Homebodii elicits comfort and elegance. The brand’s impressive line of sleepwear is created with a gorgeous collection of bridal robes. With its effortless and wearable pieces, it is a brand that many celebrities love! 


Piyama was launched by an Aussi mother-daughter combo who knows what comfort really means. The brand offers versatile and feminine sleepwear pieces that you’ll surely appreciate while you relax after a long, exhausting day. Piyama also has a stunning collection for sleep, day, vacation, and babywear, inspired by summer days by the ocean. 


Go to sleep with your curves on point with Kim Kardashian’s loungewear brand SKIMS. The body never stops grinding with shape enhancement for day and night lounging. The brand also has the Cozy Collection that is both flattering and comfortable at the same time. 

Piglet in Bed

A one-stop shop for your pajama and linen needs! Piglet in Bed is all about comfort and cozy. Its products are simple but stylish and classics. It’s made of linen for ultimate comfort. It’ll be hard to wake up when you are wearing Piglet in Bed to sleep! 

Olivia Von Halle

If you are looking for luxurious sleepwear, look no more. Olivia Von Halle’s deluxe sleepwear is on the expensive end of the spectrum but they are worth the investment. The cast of “Crazy Rich Asian” was seen wearing these stunning pieces for a shoot and we can’t help but awe at its beauty. 


Sleepwear that you can wear outside on a casual day? Sleeper got your back! If you’ve ever found yourself rushing in the morning, with clothes strewn around, and no outfit in mind, grab a pair of your favorite sleepwear from Sleeper and pair it with high heels and you are good to go! 


If you love colors and fun prints, Papinelle has tons of sleepwear with those. It is based in Sydney, Australia, and focuses on creating seasonal collections with natural fabrics like pure silks, silk-cotton blend, and organic cotton. Papinelle is packed with stunning sleepwear that’ll make lounging in bed extra luxurious and comfortable. 


As much as we love basic tees, timeless sleepwear is also on the list. Eberjey has been around for ages (and by that, we mean 25 years!). It’s uncommon to know someone who doesn’t own at least a pair of pajamas from Eberjey. You’ll never run out of options too since the brand has colors ranging from gray, navy to cream and wonderful whimsical designs. 

Stripe and Stare

Stripe and Stare is well-known for its unbelievably soft underwear. However, they have a good collection of pajamas too! The best thing? Their sleepwear is made with the same soft material as their coveted knickers. 

Morgan Lane

Let’s talk about romantic sleepwear! Based in New York, Morgan Lane’s stunning sleepwear collection is something we only see on TV shows worn by socialites. The brand has gorgeous and playful printed patterns to choose from and that we are sure you’ll love! 


Founded in 2017, Summersalt is a sustainable and direct-to-consumer brand. Its first range of products are swimwear but they’ve since then expanded to sleepwear, including silk sets and loungewear made with materials from recycled plastic bottles. 

J. Crew

J.Crew seems to have everything! Party dresses, work attire, accessories, and yes, even comfortable sleepwear! The brand’s loungewear is classically tailored in a shirt and pants set, a cozy nightgown, and flannel pajamas. 

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