Vegan Leather Bags, The Best Vegan Leather Bags of 2021, Outdressing

The Best Vegan Leather Bags of 2021

Vegan leather bags are the new “it” in town and we love it! 

Leather requires the skin of animals, which is a questionable method since it walks around the sensitive topic of animal cruelty. Vegan leather is the closest we can get to real leather without the use of animals. In addition, it’s also better for the environment and for our banks too since it is cheaper than the real one. 

However, do keep in mind that not all vegan leather is created in the same way. If you can, always avoid those created from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These are not biodegradable and end up producing microplastics that flow to the ocean and are ingested by marine animals. Aside from that, PVC products create dioxin, a toxic manmade contaminant that stays in the body for a long time. 

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best brands that craft vegan leather bags, while assuring us a cruelty-free process, used of upcycled materials, polyurethane leather (vegan leather), and organic cotton! 

If you want to walk the streets with fashion and the power to save the planet, here are the best vegan leather bags of 2021. 

Top Vegan Leather Brands

Here are brands to splurge on for that vegan leather bags you like so much! 

Angela Roi

Angela Roi’s two founders, Angela and Roi, wanted to bring goodness to the wasteful fashion industry by bringing to the market affordable vegan leather purses made with premium materials. The brand has bucket bags, pouches, saddlebags, and more, in wonderful colors and classic designs. 

The company supports animals worldwide who are being mistreated or poached. 


Gunas has been in the industry for more than 10 years, making the brand one of the first full vegan companies in the market. Sugandh Agrawal wanted to create a fashion legacy focused on activism, hence, Gunas was made right at her Manhattan studio apartment. 

Instead of leather, Gunas uses canvas, nylons, upcycled materials, and other sustainable materials to create durable products. The brand offers different types of handbags and purses, such as clutches, totes, and shoulder bags. 

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is a big name in the industry but this only proves that luxury can be ethical and sustainable too! The brand’s mission revolves around creating products through sustainable practices and is centered on the treatment of people, the planet, and animals equally. 

The brand avoids fur and instead opts for recycled materials to reduce negative environmental impact. Their products might resemble leather or snakeskin, however, rest assured that Stella McCartney uses vegan alternatives. 

Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat has been providing the market with vegan goods ranging from handbags, shoes to vegan accessories. The Montreal-based brand has a cruelty-free policy, utilizes ethical practices, and uses sustainable materials. The vegan leather gives the product a polished and classic look at affordable prices. 

von Holzhausen

Malibu-based von Holzhausen is a direct-to-consumer brand that provides ethical, sustainable, and timeless accessories for all gender, including bucket bags, totes, and crossbodies. 

Everything from the company is made from either Technik-Leather, a blend of recycled plastic bottles, or plant-based leather. The packaging is eco-friendly as well so you are getting all your goodies environmentally-friendly from to bottom. 

The company also offers monograms and alterations on certain products and payment plans too! 

LaBante London

LaBante London has been around since 2009 and for more than a decade has only been using recycled materials for its bags. Clutches, crossbodies, backpacks, and tote bags, you are assured that the materials are faux leather. The items come in natural colors, making them easy to mix and match into outfits.  

The polyester is made from plastic bottles and the outers is made with 50% vegetable oil, a renewable natural source. The products are manufactured in Guangzhou, China in a SEDEX Certified factory with most of its employees consisting of women. 

Every year, LaBante London donates 10% of its profits to charity. 

The Best Vegan Leather Bags 2021

Here are a few of the best vegan leather bags in the market we are sure you’ll love! 

Matt & Natt | ABBI Tote Bag

Vegan Leather Bags, The Best Vegan Leather Bags of 2021, Outdressing

Matt & Natt’s Abbi tote is one of the brand’s bestsellers for its seven stunning shades and spacy interior. 

Realer | Faux Leather Large Hobo Purse with Tassel

Vegan Leather Bags, The Best Vegan Leather Bags of 2021, Outdressing

One of the best-selling bags on Amazon and we understand why! This vegan leather bag is made with polyurethane leather and costs just $40. We think that’s a pretty good deal! The interior has 6 pockets so this is perfect for organization. The large can also fit a 13” laptop and comes in 28 different colors. 

Angela Roi | Satchel

Vegan Leather Bags, The Best Vegan Leather Bags of 2021, Outdressing

The perfect vegan leather work bag! Angelo Roi’s satchels are well-known to carry everything you need for the office. The bag is available in three neutral and classic shades. 

Kenneth Cole | On Track Pack Vegan Leather Laptop & Tablet Backpack

Vegan Leather Bags, The Best Vegan Leather Bags of 2021, Outdressing

Leather backpacks can break your wallets but found one that won’t! Kenneth Cole’s On Track Pack Vegan Leather Backpack only cost $58, a gem amongst the hundred-dollar leather backpacks in the market. Specifically designed for your laptop, it contains a padded compartment for your device as well as padded shoulders and back straps. 

It’s a wonder travel backpack too! 

Freshly Picked | Convertible Diaper Backpack

Vegan Leather Bags, The Best Vegan Leather Bags of 2021, Outdressing

For the mommies out there, we all know how important organizational compartments are for diaper bags. And Freshly Picked’s Convertible Diaper Backpack can hold everything your baby needs. It can be worn as a backpack or as a crossbody. 

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