Work Bag, The Perfect Work Bag: A Guide to Choosing One, Outdressing

The Perfect Work Bag: A Guide to Choosing One

When it comes to work bags, picking one is no joke. Since this is the bag that goes with you and your everyday struggle with work, there are a few factors that need to be considered. Will it fit my office necessities? Is it durable? Will it suit any business attire that I might have to wear that day? Or if you are a complete busy bee, will it survive? 

Before checking out, think twice if the bag you’ve pick will suffice. If you are planning to look for the perfect work bag, read on to find out how to pick the right one. 

How to find the “perfect” work bag?

Work Bag, The Perfect Work Bag: A Guide to Choosing One, Outdressing

The “perfect” work bag is not just any bag. It is the bag. It’s supposed to withstand strong winds and heavy rains (not literally but it should!) and rough handling. Before ultimately investing in one, take note of the few factors below. 


What’s the usage of the bag? It’s for work. But there are different work settings. Do you need to bring your laptop with you to the office every day? What about papers and documents? 

If you need to bring your devices with you, invest in a big bag. Certain bags are made with a separate padded compartment for your laptop or tablet so make sure to keep those in your options. Aside from that, pick one with an extraordinarily durable and comfortable strap. 

If you commute to work, all the while carrying your gadgets, you wouldn’t want a heavy bag with an uncomfortable strap digging into your shoulders. 

If you are a “carry it all” type of person, it is recommended to purchase a big work bag with a lot of compartments and inner pockets. 

If you are not any of the above, a durable bag that is just the appropriate size for what you need to bring to the office would be best. 


Whatever look and style of your work bag are acceptable. What’s important is its practicality and sturdiness. But for the meticulous ones, the appearance of their work bag should match any of their business outfits.

Also included here is the color of the bag. For common and classic office apparel, a timeless black-colored work bag is a great option. Since black is a versatile color, it should go well with almost any outfit. 

If you are looking into other colors aside from black, you can never go wrong with any neutral shades. White, beige, and taupe shades are very well-known colors to match with all sorts of outfits, include business-related ones. 

If you are wearing basic and dull office attire, you can always experiment with a brightly colored bag to add a pop to your outfit. 


If you are purchasing a bag specifically for work, the general rule is to always pick one that’s at least the size of an A4 document. You should also take into consideration the size of your laptop. Laptop sizes go as big as 17 inches and this greatly affects the work bag that you should buy. 

Even if you don’t need to bring your laptop with you to the office, it’s always better to take into account the sizes of your devices. You never know when you’ll be required to bring them in so choosing the appropriate size eliminates this problem early on. 


Though it’s not seen, the interior of your bag is also important. Before purchasing one, think about the amount and kinds of necessities you bring with you to the office every day. 

If you are the type of person who carries a lot, picking a work bag with compartments or multiple inner pockets helps you organize your things avoid cluttering. 

As mentioned, if you are required to bring your tech devices every day, have a separate padded compartment that can help you keep them safe while you travel to and from the office. 


The material greatly determines the quality of your work bag and in turn, also affects how long your work bag will last. You wouldn’t want to purchase a new one every other month, would you? So when you do, make sure it is made of high-quality material that you know would survive the demands of your work. 

There is also an ongoing issue about how bags are made and if whether the brand has used a sustainable method. 

A classic handbag is made of weather, either chromes or vegetable tanned. Unfortunately, both utilize a lot of water that could be polluting. Another alternative method is by using PVC, PU, or mix, meaning fake leather-based plastic. Obviously, not a sustainable method at all, as these are made of oil and are non-biodegradable. Since they are made of plastic, more often than not, they are not high-quality. 


Though mentioned last in this article, the price of the work bag should be up into the list of what you should consider when purchasing one. 

There are sturdy and pretty work bags that could cost more than what you earn in a month. Some fast fashion bags are equally pretty and inexpensive. However, the downside to this is it is made with low-quality materials, hence, they won’t last you for a long time. 

What you should know is that there are bags in between and we are sure that you’ll be able to find one that fits your budget and at the same time, have a medium that will last you for years. 

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