Buying Less but Dressing More, 8 Tips For Buying Less but Dressing More, Outdressing

8 Tips For Buying Less but Dressing More

Buying less but dressing more is the new trend. But how?

The pandemic and the lockdowns have given most of us a good time to ramage through our wardrobes and realize the pieces we’ve grown out of, the trends we no longer enjoy, and clothes we no longer wear still resides at the bottomless space we call the “closet.” 

But this also gave us the time to evaluate what needs to stay, what has to go, and what are the clothing items that we always reached for. And when it comes to buying clothes, we think we are all guilty of purchasing dresses we’ve only worn once or shoes that we never really liked but they were on sale so why not? 

If you are on the stage of assessing your wardrobe and gauging out your impulsive purchasing habits, here are some practical tips for buying less but dressing more.

Buy a clothing item for multiple occasions

You could be thinking that every event you need to go to deserve a brand new outfit. It could be a wedding, a first date you want to impress, a most-awaited night out with friends, or an exciting birthday party. It’s a common mindset, that every special event needs special and new clothes, and we are all guilty of it. 

But instead of buying outfits for the sole purpose of one event, try to purchase clothing items that are versatile and can be worn for different occasions. Try to avoid currently trending pieces and invest more in items that are simple and classic. These are easier to accessorize and mix and match, making them look something new every time you wear them. 

Rid of something that doesn’t fit

If you are trying to downsize your wardrobe, the first pieces that need out are those that no longer fit. Some of us hold on to these items, hoping one day they’ll fit again or using them as an inspiration to lose weight. But when you are thinking of decluttering your closet, think realistically and be honest with yourself. 

Don’t buy something that doesn’t suit you

One basic fashion skill you need to develop as you grow older is to know what kind of clothes suit you and what doesn’t. That being said, it’s natural that you won’t buy something you know doesn’t look good on your figure. But we are all guilty of purchasing items on a whim. It could be because it’s a trend or you’ve seen someone wearing it and it looked good on them.

But refrain from buying clothing pieces you know don’t suit you. What looks good for them might not work for you at all so before ultimately bringing that cute dress to the cashier, think twice if the fit is for you. 

Don’t be fooled by bargains

Something that automatically catches everyone’s attention in the mall or online shops is that bright, red sign that says “sale.” It’s also an irresistible driving force to impulsively buying clothing and ultimately beats the phrase of buying less but dressing more.

Sales and discounts are great offers and if the clothing item on bargain is something that you need to add to your wardrobe, jump on it! But refrain from buying pieces only because they are on sale. Once again, think twice before purchasing. Even though you’ve saved money on sale items, if you don’t wear them, it’s still a waste of cash.

Buying Less but Dressing More, 8 Tips For Buying Less but Dressing More, Outdressing

Practice the one-in, one-out system

One good system in keeping your wardrobe in a justifiable size is to practice the one-in, one-out system. This means when you add something to your wardrobe, you take one out to sell or donate.

This is a good habit to practice because one, it keeps your closet from overflowing and it also helps control your purchasing tendencies. You’ll only get to buy an item you love so much you can wear it for years to come, knowing that in exchange, you will also lose a well-loved item from your closet. 

Identify your uniform

One of the most common misunderstandings about dressing well is that you should vary your purchases and never buy clothing items that are similar to one another. And while it is good to have a diverse set of clothes for different occasions, it is also good to acknowledge what suits you best and stick to it. 

Create your uniform from pieces you know that suit you, your personality, and figure best and stick to this formula when you are purchasing new clothes. Even though you’ve own several similar pieces, you are still stylish since these are clothes that flatter you most. 

Capsule Wardrobes

Capsule wardrobes are the epitome of buying less but dressing more. We’d like to think it was made for that phrase alone!

Dressing well does not require you to break your bank and thousands of clothing items. In fact, dressing well only requires one basic life skill: making sensible decisions. 

Buy and keep what you need and what suits you and let go of anything else that doesn’t fall under that criteria. You don’t need a lot to look good. A few classic clothing pieces that perfectly suit and flatter you, are easily accessorized in different ways, and can be conveniently mixed and matched with other items is enough to last you for different seasons. 

Try capsule wardrobes and invest in quality and essential fashion pieces. 

Take care of your clothes

Above all, take care of your clothes. All the tips above pale if you do not know how to take care of your clothes. If don’t, you will find yourself back to the store and spending more money. If you know how to wash your clothes properly, they’ll last longer and that saves you from the trouble of overspending. 

Take the time to know how to wash your clothes by looking at its tag or searching the web on what washing method works best for this specific kind of material. Wash stains right away and if you can, learn how to sew and stitch simple tears and mending jobs. 

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