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Top Fashion Trends of 2020

While exhibiting outrageous flamboyant colors and glistening golds, countless eye-catching looks for the Fall season will surely enhance your mood – not to mention, numerous stylish apparel complements, as well. 

In 2020, the most bizarre year yet by far, you likely feel that the fall/winter, 2020 fashions are fairly controversial. Ever since Louis Vuitton closed out the season in March, many things have occurred in this world. At that time, the hype caused by COVID-19 was growing and many buyers, journalists, and influencers quickly left town. Only a select few were capable of predicting the intensity of the worldwide stoppage that followed. No one could have even begun to predict the numerous ways in which the fashion industry would be weakened.

On a brighter note, with this pandemic came a rejuvenated perception of the uncompromising pace of fashion, the ravenous need for innovation, and the subtle pressure that all of this this imposes upon people and our world. One of the most rudimentary tenets has been reinstated – fashions have the ability to beautify your day while exhibiting inspiration. As attested by the many ‘lockdown looks’ that have been displayed on social media platforms during the past several months, dressing in attractive garments has shown to brighten one’s mood considerably.

Although numerous fashion groups have stopped the assembly of their fall/winter, 2020 lines, the remarkable originality that was displayed back in February/March abounds in every Vogue magazine – the impact of an inspiring fashion experience that lifts one’s spirits should not be underestimated, nor should a collection of extraordinary expressions of the New York, London, Milan, and Paris catwalks.  


The story of the fall/winter, 2020 season can be best summarized as being all dressed up and no place to go. Examples of evening wear bombarded every catwalk. You can look forward to lots of fun with the season’s exceptional quantities of every type of piece imaginable – from bursting sleeves to exploding skirts.

Somewhere else, a fairly ‘studious’ look as arisen that is greatly appropriate for such a humbling time. Knitted clothing has flourished with cardigans, argyle sweaters, and all things from wear-anywhere jeans to evening silk/satin, as have skirt suits – a powerful purchase if you plan to exhibit a serious ‘back-to-work’ look upon the reopening of the office. We’ve said that there is much head-to-toe black and….well, we can’t argue – black is quite definitely in.

There will always be the ‘just because’ clothing that will never cease to impress. Are you looking to make a special investment this season? Consider a fire-red dress with elegant sequins.

Balloon Sleeve

A singly rule must always be followed when wearing sleeves this season – the bigger, the better. From the Leg O’ Mutton styles by Max Mara to Shoulder Shelves by Isabel Marant to Choux Pastry Puffs by Chanel, nothing will say ‘she’s arrived’ quite as loudly as will XXL sleeves. And they say ‘size doesn’t matter.’  

Fields of Gold

The price of gold is at a record high on the global market as this pandemic continues, but the fashion industry had this idea first – every runway in February was filled with sparkling gowns (by Tom Ford and Oscar de la Renta,) sumptuous day dresses (by Celine,) and unique Joan of Arc-inspired outfits (by Paco Rabanne.) When looking for a Christmas party outfit, gold seems to be the way to go.


After many years of ‘it’ girls and other influencers sporting the ‘shrug-it-on’ cardigan, the librarian’s favorite has returned to all of the most popular catwalks. While it is shown off with all things from seventies-hued denim (Chloé) to pant suits (Coach 1941) and pencil skirts (Fendi, Christopher Kane,) our favorite look comes from Jacquemus – where Simon Porte made the cardigan into an appropriate sex symbol with the support of Jill Kortleve.


At first glance, Prada usually proves to be representative of the season and fall/winter, 2020 showed no difference – Miuccia Prada combined a grey, business-like blazer with a bright, fringed skirt and, immediately, womanliness was remembered for, yet, another season. In other places, creators awed over fringed pieces – from ’20s flapper-styled edgings by Dior to wild, long trains on coats, bags, and clothing by Bottega Veneta, these lines are optimally sported with an ongoing sense of resolve. 

The Matrix

The essentials of your coat for fall: the character Neo of The Matrix can be your muse. While Neo wears XXL coats, shearling coats, trench coats, and capes in the film, it is the soft-looking, rawhide coats that have piqued your interest. Organized and slightly prissy at Versace, Fendi, Louche, Nineties at Khaite, Tod’s, and more, you’ll be amazed at how promptly a slight luster is added to any jeans-and-pullover ensemble.

Red Lights

No other brand name has ever done the fiery tint quite as well as the Italian brand, Valentino. Bottega Veneta’s sequin-covered variety was exhibited with rubber wellingtons. Fierce and unrepentant, this piece will be a good investment for the season. As Vogue stated before, ‘One cannot retreat in red.’

The New Suit

2020, the weirdest of years, has broken out of its work-from-home-in-sweats-and-jammies routine? It’s about time! If you plan to return to the office with a fresh, new look, why not ‘’look the part’ in a lemon-yellow piece by Marc Jacobs?

Inflate Them!

From round and spherical creations by JW Anderson to Marie Antoinette-inspired cake dresses and a light touch by Moschino, unforeseen measurements have influenced several lines. Our advice is to start small before rising to the occasion.

Fade to Black

As the fall shows were commencing, the front row had completely lost count of the number of head-to-toe black looks. Pierpaolo Piccioli, the master of color, had even fallen for it in a big way while Valentino was excising the bright neons and rich color pairings that defined his style that favored black sequins, black corsets, black coats, and black trousers.

It was moody, sexy, and resonated far away with extra hints of black as the icing on the cake (think added-skin, thigh-high leather boots) by Victoria Beckham and Alexander McQueen. The sophisticated fashioning by The Row and Carolina Herrera held an almost sullen edge.

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