, Ultimate Guide to Women’s Fashion, Outdressing

Ultimate Guide to Women’s Fashion

, Ultimate Guide to Women’s Fashion, Outdressing

One cannot live without clothes for the reason that it is essential to every human being. Clothes can be compared to the extra layer of skin because it primarily serves as the physical safeguard and protection from climate moods. From bodies covered with animal furs to a wide range of textiles and fabrics, they became the symbol of identity, representation of a culture, and integrated into social norms. 

What is Fashion?

Clothes are the distinction of humans apart from animals, from other sexes and it provides a sense of belonging in social or political groups. Also, clothing builds character where people can freely express themselves. 

Primarily, every woman wants to be able to feel good about herself. One of the avenues to which she does this is through fashion. A lot of women use fashion or clothes to express some sort of individuality, independence or even some sort of rebellion.

The way people dress is seen as a reflection of their persona and the image they opt to display. The personal style stands as a code that sets individuals apart from each other and one can easily distinguish a person by the way they carry themselves. 

Moreover, people are moved by the appearance of an object or any materials that are pleasing to the eye. Partly, because the sense of sight has its own judgments, on the other hand, appearance illustrates how people perceive each other and clothing is the largest contributing factor in determining that. 

What Does Our Clothing Say About Us?

First impressions are instantly formed when people go out in public. A man in tuxedo and slacks can be specified as someone working for a company while a woman wearing a pencil skirt and long-sleeves can be seen as a professional employee. The clothes have moved away from the functional purpose of dressing up for comfortability, but rather, it revolutionized as people can predict the character of an individual just by looking at them.

The continual advancement of the world has helped the industry of clothing produce a variety of styles and there are countless options to choose from, some say they take an hour finding the proper outfit. Dressing up well is a performance in the daily routine, it is an effort in taking responsibility for oneself, how much they value their body and maintain their appearance.

One should always be prepared for the unpredictable occurrences that happen in a day. Dressing well can go a long way because moments unfold in an instant and it is always fun to be in a planned and unexpected situation while in a good outfit. 

Dressing up reveals the taste, preferences, and attitude of an individual. It shows how they value their appearance and understand that choosing clothes wisely has an impact on the impression of the public toward them professionally and aesthetically. 

While dressing up is not a show for the public, but rather, a personal adventure for creativity and how oneself identifies in a society. Before getting dressed, measure the weather and one’s own mood; generate ideas by looking for inspirations, or stimulate imaginations and express those in reality because this is how one tells their story.

How Fashion Works

The first thing that comes to mind when dressing up is the world of fashion. It is the source of style and trends that come and go because fashion is constantly changing. With the expansion of ideas and shifting cultures, along with are the growing attention of the society with dressing up. 

Modern technology immensely shaped how people perceive beauty and the standard for it is mainly based on the style and resourcefulness of an individual. Because the market for clothing is persistently in demand and the online stores are on the rise, it is now easier to be innovative when it comes to showing off style. 

The fluctuating trends in fashion can be exhausting at times for an individual to jump from one decision to another and people often get stuck in a certain trend. One should consider impressing the wallet when buying clothes by evaluating the worth and the timelessness of a product, choosing clothes that never go out in style is a smart decision. This guide will help you find your style and list of items that will stand the test of time in this age of fast fashion.

A Brief History of Fashion

In the world today, people developed familiarity with decades and past generations just by looking at how people clothed themselves. Seeing a tight-fitting bodice donned in embroidery reminds people of the renaissance period while tie-dye shirts and midi skirts associate people to the liberated hippie culture in the 1970s. It is impressive how the clothes have been an indication mark of time and they have endlessly evolved and heavily influenced the structure of the society.

Fashion is not something that is new. Much like today, wearing a particular type of color, clothing or material meant status, wealth, and one’s position in life throughout the different eras. As early as the 15th century, there was already a bustling fashion center in Europe. First it was in Burgundy, then Italy and then in France.

The royal family made an important role in terms of what was fashionable to wear and the aristocracy and wealthy followed suit. The royalty, nobility and wealthy all dressed elaborately and stylishly. They flaunted their wealth though different kinds of fabrics, accessories, and jewels. Naturally, the poor wouldn’t be able to afford these and just wore clothing made of natural fibres. This then started the way that people are segregated to a certain group based on what they are wearing.

Roman Era (500 BC- 323 AD)

As depicted in movies and television shows, the Romans wore a toga of sorts. There was a cloth draped over the toga which became the symbol of Roman citizenship. Despite the ruling Roman elite imposing many laws that were supposedly to limit a person’s ability to display wealth and other luxuries, many still indulged on exotic fabrics such as silks, delicate and intricate embroidery and vividly dyed cloths which were all very expensive at the time.

The Middle Ages (400 – 1200 AD)

After the Romans left England in the beginning to the 14th century, clothes that people wore became more elegant. This is the time women started to wear close-fitting gowns with full skirts.

The Renaissance Period (1350 – 1520)

During this time, the fascination with fashion among the royals and aristocrats really started to peak. The King of England, Henry VII is said to have spent a large fortune on clothes. Of course, his courtiers and other aristocrats followed by his example.

Elizabethan Era (1558 – 1603), Restoration England (1660 – 1700) and Victorian Era (1837 – 1901)

There is no notable significant change in fashion during these periods. It was still gowns for women. There were already established seamstresses or dressmakers that designed clothes for the aristocrats and everyone else followed depending on how much they could afford. During the Industrial Revolution in Britain (1760 – 1840) did the textile manufacturing really did take off. Before this time most of the clothes and garments were handmade. This is the time machines took over production and tailoring. In fact, the first sewing machine was invented in 1790.

This was the start of easier, faster, and less labour-intensive manufacturing of clothes. From the 1770’s fashion became what is now called as “mainstream” as a lot pf people were influenced by the changes in the entertainment industry. Everyone wanted to wear a dress like what the glamorous movie star was wearing in one of her films.

Many changes to textile production led to synthetic fibres which then led to the availability of cheaper clothes that were mass produced. Something that is the norm today was a first then.

The Late 1800s to 1900s

From this time, Paris was already seen as the fashion capital of the world. What was seen worn in Paris was copied everywhere else in the world. A British man called Charles Frederick Worth who lived in Paris is said to be the first fashion designer. He used to design clothes for all the aristocratic ladies during his time.

Worth and his contemporaries changed how fashion was, they started to dictate what was fashionable – what was in or what was out. Previously, tailors or dressmakers just followed what their clients wanted to wear. They always made clothes based on client specifications..

In the 1890’s, a period called La Belle Epoque, clothes were as extravagant as ever. The clothing worn during these times are so ornate and expensive. A lady would not be able to dress herself as there were many layers of petticoats and their corsets must be laced and tightened by somebody else. Women also incorporated hats and parasols as part of their elaborate fashion statements during these times.


This period started a major change in women’s dress silhouette. The S bend silhouette that made the waist very narrow with corsets changed to a slim and straight silhouette.

Famous fashion designer Paul Poirot (1879-1944) was at the forefront of these changes. He designed the first outfit that a woman can put on, on her own, and more clothes that did not require the use of a petticoat or a corset. He was the one who came up with the famous “flapper” style which replaced the tight-fitting corsets and the very large voluminous skirts.

Another trend during this time was orientalism with pantaloons, turbans, and kaftans.

World War 1 went on from 1914 to 1918. The war had a great effect on fashion as people were forced to implement harsh measures to cut costs as fabric along with everything else was rationed. Gone were the days of elaborate styles of dressing as there was simply no material for it, so women started to wear more practical dresses. Monochromatic and darker colors were used as it was more sustainable and easier to pair with other clothes. Social activities were practically non-existent therefore, dressing for the parties became almost unnecessary.


, Ultimate Guide to Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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The Golden Era of French Fashion existed between the period of World War I and World War II. Women outside of royalty like wives of merchants, entrepreneurs and movie stars became the new clientele of major fashion houses in Paris as the boom in the economy meant that these people had more money to spend on clothes.

This was also the time that women were more independent, started to vote in some places, and started to go to work. Given these changes, there was not a lot of time left to do elaborate hairstyles. As such, the bob became the iconic haircut of the 1920’s.  

The waistline in dresses was dropped. The Flapper style with no-waist type of cut had unprecedented popularity during this period.

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In 1929, when the Wall Street crashed, a more conservative type of dressing was adopted. Despite the conservative style of dressing, this was also the time wherein the elegance of dressing was embraced once again. Long evening dresses became popular once again. Interestingly, this was also the time women started to wear pants.

Women also started to be interested in wearing sportswear as they started to take an interest in sports, and its benefits in terms of fitness and achieving a slimmer figure.


Everything in the fashion industry changed after World War II. There is now a big population of consumers wherein the demand comes from the normal person. From then on, the fashion scene has changed entirely. The popularity of ready to wear clothes demanded mass manufacturing. The fashion scene has also shifted to London and New York from Paris as many designers and fashion houses closed during the war and never got to reopen as many of Europe’s aristocracy lost their fortune driving the demand for designer clothing down as the masses wore mostly factory made clothes.

This was also the revolutionary time wherein polyester and nylon were discovered and produced. These cheaper fabrics replaced the more expensive ones like silk thus driving the cost of clothes down.

Nevertheless, during this period fashion houses that are still known to this day were dominant. Pierre Balmain, Christian Dior and Jacques Fath dominated the fashion influences and style in the post-war world.

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The 1950’s saw a boom in income as countries recovered from the war. This meant that women had the disposable income to spend in fashion and style more and more. The ready to wear market flourish with household brands such as Marks and Spencer.

Film stars of the times like Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Grace Kelley were style icons. When young women would see their films and what clothes they wore they instantly followed wearing the same clothes, accessories, and hairstyles.

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The 1960’s saw the rise in popularity of unisex clothing. The mini skirt started to be the in-fashion item in 1965. A lot of the force that shaped the fashion industry in this period were young middle-class working women who have financial independence. This was also the time that jeans started to become casual or daily wear.

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Probably the most identifiable period in recent history in terms of fashion. All those flared trousers, maxi skirts, tie and dye clothing and platform shoes were all extremely popular. A lot of designers used nostalgic themes in most of their designs. It was also during this time that women preferred wearing pants.

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Perhaps the most iconic of the 1980’s is the tailored suits with wide shoulder pads that women wore to the office. Aerobics was also noticeably big in the 80’s, as such athletic wear from Nike, Adidas and other sports brands became exceedingly popular. This was also a time wherein style icons ranged from Madonna to the late Princess Diana.

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While fashion shows were as popular as ever during this time, there was a shift from elaborate fashion tastes to a more simple way of dressing. Thanks to the internet, fashion influences now became global.

This was also the time that fashion style was actually divided into subcultures like rockers, hippies etc.

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2000’s and Today

A popular driving force in today’s fashion is the wear-ability of the clothes as comfort became an important part of people’s fashion choices. This is called streetwear style.

Fast fashion, online selling platforms such as Amazon, mobile obsessed consumers, economic climate, ethical issues and environmental sustainability, emerging markets are the maxims of this century. These are the drivers of fashion forecasts of this period, yet it still continually changes as time goes by.

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Style Guide for the Modern Woman

What is your body type?

, Ultimate Guide to Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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All the advancements in technology has established that in fashion certain body types would look best with certain clothes. Thus, women now determine which style of clothing would look better on them based on their body type. Body types include hourglass, inverted triangle, pear, apple and rectangle.

Staple Female Fashion Items


Blazer is a classic for all types of occasions ranging from office wear to evening hangouts. There are numerous outfits that can be paired with a blazer such as fitted or oversized jeans, plain shirts, long dresses, or skirts. Blazer is a mature style decision and it enhances the overall look with a hint of masculinity and femininity. One can never go wrong in wearing a blazer, not only it warms the body, but it is a style that stands out and stays throughout the time. 

The Long Dress

Going for a soft and accentuated look, a nice long dress will save the day. Picking up a long dress out of a wardrobe offers ample time for an individual to prepare because it is a one-piece garment that can either be formal or casual. Long dress has been a trend since the past decade and it embraces the figure of the body which comes with different designs. It is useful for an everyday look. A long dress can be paired with any type of jacket and footwear. 


A good cardigan is always in style and the comfort that comes along with it is a bonus. Cardigan can be composed of various materials such as wool, cashmere, or cotton. It is very convenient and lightweight which makes it perfect for a coffee shop weather, or rainy season. It is designed in ordinary patterns with buttons and mini-pockets. Cardigan can be long, medium or short in length, focus on the quality and it will last long. 

Denim Jeans

Denim is in every season and trend. A pair of fitted or oversized jeans is the starting point for mix and match. It goes well with any tops, and best paired with a jacket. Jeans can suit any personality and it has been here for decades. Go with a quality pair of jeans and find the right size. Jeans are essential to every individual’s closet and it is friendly to a variety of looks one wants to achieve. 

The T-Shirt

Anyone is used to lounge at home with their t-shirts on, ranging from cartoon styled print growing up as a kid, to rocking artistic prints that come with various colorways. From plain t-shirt to printed ones, they are always here to stay. One good tee shirt can be paired with almost everything in the closet. 

The Skirt

If the jeans had a sister, it would be the skirt. Any kind of fabric for the skirt is a heavenly look and wearing one is certainly a head-turner. Skirts have been controversial during its first launch, but as the decades go on, it became a staple seen every corner. The skirt is a piece for any situation depending on the length and thickness of the garment. It can be worn with a variety of other clothes, that one can wear a skirt in a week and still look uniquely different each day. 

The Coat (The Trench Coat)

The coat is a powerful statement for formal and casual situations. This item is a worldwide style that is utilized and worn through all seasons. The trench coat can vary from light to heavy depending on the preference of a person. It is best to choose a trench coat that is easy to bring for occasions and it will surprise one how putting on trench coats brings a strong flavor to a style. 

The trench coat has many functions not only for protection from cold weather but selecting a design with multiple pockets can be a good companion for going out. It’s best to wear one open without buttoning up to show the overall look. 

Collared Jackets

Collared jackets are a signature garment that can be worn through day and night. This outerwear is a match for someone who is striving for a modest or edgy look. This can be paired with dresses, jeans, or formal pants. 

There are different types of collared jackets that are made of quality materials. Collared jackets last long and do not wear out. Collars fit formal and casual situations which can range from fur collar, flat, low-cut standing collar, and hoodie collar. 

The combination of clothes that are selected well and based on the distinctive preferences of each is what is truly impressive. Wearing for the satisfaction of oneself is the ultimate goal that one acquires when purchasing clothes accompanied by a person’s tireless hunt for personal and sentimental items. 

People’s differences are beauty in the fashion world. The beliefs and attitudes are imparted with each other and the likeness or similarities connect people in unison. This is what dressing is all about, to be able to express oneself through clothing and to endlessly discover the future and rediscover the past.

Fashion Tips for the Woman Who is Always on the go

  1. Planning is key
    Plan your outfits daily or even weekly just like how you would your meals.
  2. Seek out Inspiration
    Many women turn to Instagram or Pinterest to find style inspiration. If you want to seek for a new style that’s out of the boring and ordinary, look to our guides on special types of fashion to see what
  3. Better Overdressed than Underdressed
    You can always turn it down a notch by removing an accessory or a coat when you find yourself overdressed. This is a whole lot easier than being underdressed in any social functions.
  4.  Try something new
    You never know if a certain type or color of clothes will look good if you don’t try them out.
  5. Accessorize
    A single piece of accessory can really make a big difference in any outfit.
    The best accessory that is long-lasting and worth the investment, but also needed in every single occasion is a handbag.

    To learn about the greatest accessory, the handbag, read our History of Handbags and Your Guide to Designer Handbags.
  6. Capsule Wardrobe is a thing
    Classic pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a myriad of looks. If you take a look at fashion icons, like Audrey Hepburn, you’ll see a style and patterns emerge that form her classic wardrobe. It does not take a lot of items to make a wardrobe great.
  7.  Statement Shoes
    Even the most boring or plain outfits can stand out when put together with some killer shoes. Think Carrie Bradshaw.
  8.  Conversation starter item
    This could be anything – a vintage dress, a one of a kind bag, an enviable piece of accessory, for the days you need be extra.
  9. Body shape matters
    Let’s face it, even the most expensive dress won’t look good for all women. It’s important for clothes to fit you properly, it really makes a difference.
  10. Great Style knows no age
    You can rock any outfit you want no matter how old you are.

What about under-neath your clothing?

“Lingerie is one of the most important pieces of your wardrobe. You can have a wardrobe malfunction if you don’t choose the right thing to wear underneath!”

Adriana Lima

Underwear is something that is usually put in the afterthought when it comes to fashion, as it is after all, under all the clothes. However, women who really understand fashion understand that underwear is the backbone of the wardrobe. The right bra and panties can make a difference on how an outfit looks on a woman.

Types of Underwear for Women

  1.  Boy Shorts – These are the boxer shorts for women and provide full coverage. These could be worn under casual skirts and trousers. If they are the seamless kind, you can even wear them under dresses.
  2.  Thongs – Thongs are said to be the most sought-after type of underwear for women as these could be worn with tight fitting clothes, dresses and white jeans and you don’t have to worry about any panty lines with thongs.
  3.  G – strings – These are very similar to thongs, with very narrow coverage and no waist band. They often come in very fancy designs.
  4.  Seamless – Seamless panties are made of really soft fabrics like satin and silk and can really come in different shapes and sizes. When seamless panties are worn, there are no visible panty lines, so this is a great alternative for women who are intimidated by thongs and G-strings.
  5.  Hipsters – These are like a combination of bikini and boy shorts. They are body-hugging and give good coverage and can be worn with any outfit.
  6.  High Waisted Briefs – An ideal underwear for curvy women who want additional support for the bulges. High waisted briefs provide support and are extremely comfortable.
  7.  Briefs – The standard. This is how you picture underwear in your head. The comfortable, everyday essential.
  8.  French Cut – Similar to briefs but there is a slight difference being they do not provide full coverage as to the hips.
  9.  Bikini – A mix between briefs and thongs thus resulting in a very versatile piece of underwear.
  10. Compressors – More commonly known as shapewear, these provide coverage and tuck in the tummy providing a very nice silhouette.

Not All Bras are Made Equal

, Ultimate Guide to Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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Just like underwear, it is important that women wear the right bra under their outfits. What they say is true, the right fit can really make a difference.

  1. Classic Cut Bra – Brings out the shape of your bust and usually has no underwire.
  2.  Demi Bra – Provides good support and usually has underwire.
  3.  Bustier Bra – This one has flexible structures or boning in the bodice to provide supplementary shaping.
  4. Balconette Bra – This can be worn with very low-cut tops or dresses. The way the cups are shaped provides additional support.
  5. Wonderbras – They are called wonderbras as they are supposedly used to add the illusion of more cleavage.
  6. Push up Bras – A padded bra that gives extra “push up” and visually makes your breasts appear larger.
  7.  Deep Plunge Bra – This bra gives the maximum cleavage possible as it is cut very low in the middle.
  8.  Self – Adhesive Bra – As the name suggests, you won’t have to deal with hooks or straps as it just sticks to your skin when you put in on. It also provides some push up effect.
  9. Sports Bra – Provides support when playing sports or working out. They usually have wider shoulder straps to provide support and help distribute weight.

Ten Must-Have Shoes for Every Woman

, Ultimate Guide to Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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  1. Ballet Flats – Very versatile and can be worn with almost any outfit.
  2. Trainers – Great for casual looks.
  3. Ankle boots – Comfortable enough to be worn the whole day. A must have during the colder seasons.
  4. Wedges – Perfect for the summer – goes well with dresses and also with jeans!
  5. Classic Pumps – Truly Iconic and usually worn in the office or during evening functions.
  6. Sandals – Classier version of slippers but just as comfortable.
  7. High Heels – High heels can turn any outfit into something sexy.
  8. Over-the-knee – As the name suggests, these shoes usually go up above the knee. They are made for weathering rain or snow.
  9. Nude colored shoes – They go well with everything and anything.
  10. Oxfords or Loafers – Creates a very smart look and are super comfortable.


, Ultimate Guide to Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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They say handbags can complete an outfit, but with so many choices out there, how does a woman choose? Handbags come in literally every size, shape and color – some of which come with a pretty hefty price tag. Here are 5 types of bags that every woman should make a staple in her closet.

  1.  The Big Indestructible Bag – A large carry-all bag and could be carried anywhere. Some bags in this category could be carried by hand or on the shoulder.
  2.  The Cross-Body Bag – Cross body bags are often real favorites especially for travel as you do not need to hold it in your hands thus you always have the use of both hands.
  3.  The Classic Formal Bag – This could be used for any formal or informal occasions and are very versatile. You can literally use this with any outfit.
  4.  The Iconic Bag – The one that screams statement piece and can instantly elevate even the most casual looks.
  5.   The Shopper – A really simple bag but can pack a punch as you can easily put in many things with ease due to its shape. Some shoppers could also double as cross-body bags so your hands are free while shopping.
  6. The Weekender – A new breed of handbags, the weekender is for the woman who wants to travel in style, but not be bogged down by an entire suitcase to stress her out. A weekender is big enough for any travel needs, but not too big to be bulky. A great weekender bag is one where you can use anywhere and will be your mini-closet!

    See our guide on the The Best Weekender Bags.

Makeup to Match the Outfit

Having the right outfit is one thing but having the right makeup to match or compliment it is another thing entirely. Though one has a beautiful outfit on, the wrong choice of lipstick or eyeshadow can make or break the outfit. It may be tempting to pick bold statements to stand out, but it may also be to one’s downfall. Colors and styles of both clothing and makeup need to work harmoniously in order to make the outfit compliment a person. 

It might be the biggest mistake in one’s life to pair a red dress with red lipstick, red blush, and red eyeshadow. One might as well end up looking like a clown. Instead of highlighting everything, it’s better to just pick one aspect to feature. Choose between eyes or lips when matching an outfit. For a red dress, one can easily wear a red lipstick then have a neutral eyeshadow to balance or vice-versa. One could even add another focal point if the outfit is multi-colored, another color of eyeliner could be added into the mix. 

While trying to match an outfit, it is also important to not completely match it. It may look too deliberate but staying in the same color palette is advisable. One can pick a color hue and have a wide selection for dark or light, sheer or opaque, and more or less saturated. For example, pairing bright blue clothing with a smoky blue-gay eyeshadow and nude lipstick. For more neutral clothing like brown, a soft and sheer pink-brown eyeshadow can easily compliment the outfit.

Sometimes, it’s good to tone down the rest of one’s face to make a statement. For boldly colored lips, it’s better to opt for sheer neutrals, or peachy colors for the cheeks and eyes. For statement eyeshadow, neutral lip colors are the way to go. Also, to avoid looking too washed-out when wearing a neutral outfit, adding a pop of color in the form of eyeshadow or lipstick can make all the difference.

Distributing colors can also be a good way to tie makeup and an outfit together. It doesn’t solely rely on the garment worn. Pairings can also be taken from accessories like shoes or bags. It also makes it easier since one will be focusing on smaller things instead of a huge portion of the outfit. This doesn’t necessarily mean that red bag equals red lipstick. It’s better to find a lipstick shade that would complement the bag, so the outfit gets tied together in a neat manner. 

If one doesn’t want to take too much time and effort to pick out clothing and match it with complimentary makeup. There are some makeup looks or combinations that are a go-to for certain types of outfits or textures. One just needs to remember which colors or styles complement each other. 

One way to have an effortless getup is looking into nudes and jewel tones. A creamy, beige lipstick will always complement a top or dress that’s emerald green. One can also play with the lipstick by mixing in a pale pink with it in an ombre effect or lip gloss on top of the lipstick. Subtle hints of the right bronzer or highlighter can also elevate the look.

Nautical stripes and fuchsia are always a good combination. Some may opt for the full French girl look with red lipstick, but fuchsia offers a more flexible look. Pinks hues like fuchsia aren’t as fussy of stuffy as red while they still offer a pop of color. Pinks are also less sophisticate and serious which makes it better for events during the day. It’s also nice to add a very subtle blue eyeshadow to accentuate the eyes but not make the look too dramatic. 

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While there’s nothing wrong with red and black, a look can be further elevated by using burgundy instead. This offers an edgy yet sexy look. A deep burgundy lip can be paired with heavy eyebrows, minimal eyeshadow, dark lashes, and no blush. This makeup look can be paired with a black suit, or dress with burgundy accents. 

Maroon and yellow offer a more luxurious look. When wearing a warm yellow dress, it is advisable to go for a deeper brick red instead of a bright red. Bright red would have made the yellow look dull. A deeper red like maroon would offer a more luxurious vibe without going towards a gothic look. If one is going to look into warm and cool tones to match makeup or clothing, it’s good to determine if one is warm or cool toned to make outfits and makeup work better. 

Another relative of maroon and yellow is burgundy and gold. Wearing a gold dress is a statement enough with a nude lipstick. This look can be further elevated by replacing the nude lip with a burgundy lip. Choosing red may be too flashy but burgundy offers a muted yet rich look that doesn’t overtake the dress. 

, Ultimate Guide to Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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Another fancy combination is bronze and navy. A smokey eyeshadow and nude lipstick paired with a dark dress makes the look dull. Bronze eyeshadow will give the look more life, it’s not too dark but it will give the eyes a fresher look. A nude lip in this regard can also be elevated by adding a lip liner to make the lipstick pop a little and tie it together with the rest of the look. 

While bright colors look good with white, other neutral colors look good with it as well. One popular combination is brown and white. A bright white dress can easily be complemented with a matte-brown lipstick. A lipstick with a brown base can make a white dress look softer and more elegant. 

Finally, there’s always the classic red-on-red look. To nail this look, it’s good to balance the red in the face with the red in the dress in different shades. A dewy base with strong eyebrows can make a red lipstick work well with a red dress. 


On to hair, hair is very essential to your outfit, because it frames the face. When someone goes to a hair salon, the hairstylist will try their best to make the customer’s face appear more oval as it is the most ideal face shape. Although not everyone has an oval shaped face, different hairstyles can make some people’s original face shape into the closest of the oval. 

, Ultimate Guide to Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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So, most of the time, the face shape has everything to do with the face. In order to find a person’s face shape, they must simply look into a mirror (with their hair ties up or out of the way) and consider all the features or what makes it different or similar from other people. If that does not work, the person should try and measure their face with a tape measure; and this is how: 

For the forehead, measure throughout the face from the height of one eyebrow arch to the height of the opposite arch. As for cheekbones, measure within the cheekbones, beginning and ending at the sharpest part beneath the outer corner of each eye. For jawline, measure from the point of the chin to below the ear at the point at where the jaw angles upwards. Then multiply that number by two to get the jawline measurement. Lastly, face Length, measure from the center of the hairline to the point of the chin.

After all that, see which is the greatest and least in terms of measurement. On to the faces, if the face length is greater than the measurement of the cheekbones, and the forehead’s measurement is greater than the jawline, and the angle of the jaw is not sharp but rounded instead, then the face shape is Oval. If the face has the face length as the greatest measurement with the forehead, cheekbones and jawline are parallel in size then the face shape is a Rectangle. 

If the jawline has a greater measure than the cheekbones and the cheekbones measure greater than the forehead, the face shape is most likely Triangular. If both the cheekbones and face length have a similar measurement and they’re measurement is greater than the forehead and jawline (which also has a similar measurement) and the angle of the jaw is soft and not that defined, the face shape is Round. 

If the forehead‘s measure is greater than the cheekbones and jawline, while the chin is pointed, then the face shape is Heart. Now if all of the measurements are similar and the angle of the jaw is sharp rather than curved, the face shape is Square. Lastly, if the largest measurement is the face length and the cheekbones, forehead, and jawline are small in measurement, and the chin is pointed, they have a Diamond face shape.

This article will now discuss the best hairstyles for each face shape, for women only. This will list in the order of oval, rectangle, triangular, round, heart, square, and diamond.

First, if it is an oval face shape, the person must be lucky. Since it is very well – balanced, the oval faces can suit a widespread array of hairstyles. For oval-faced women who like short hair, a blunt bob or a lob with delicate layers will look remarkably attractive. If they prefer long hair, on the other hand, select one with minimum layers or style the hair with waves or curls to keep it from pulling down the face. 

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Second, if it is a rectangle face shape, they have to work to reduce the appearance of the sharp jaw and forehead without further lengthening the face. A soft layered cut can improve cheekbones while concealing the corners of the face. They should avoid the exceedingly long hairstyles because it further elongates the face.  If they do desire a long length, they should try styling their hair with a blowout, waves, or curls, which will add horizontal volume and it will soften the sharp angles of the face. If they want to do an updo, they should choose soft twists over a high bun, and that will add length, which will emphasize your strong jaw. When it comes to bangs, preference soft, rounded fringes and curtain bangs over square styles and blunt-cut options.

Third, triangular face shape which features a strong jawline that is wider than the forehead and a chin that is square or flat in shape. It is vital to pick a hairstyle that will balance the jaw and then minimize the “bottom-heavy” appearance of the face. To do so, try a cut with layers, which will soften the features. They should avoid straight bob cuts that emphasize the jaw. If they prefer a short haircut, try for a choppy pixie cut instead.  For the bangs, short side-swept or light and ‘wispy’ styles look finest but full bangs and long side bangs should be avoided.

, Ultimate Guide to Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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Fourth, round faces. They typically feature rounded cheeks. Therefore, the most flattering hairstyles for ladies with round faces are those that would add definition and more shape. Specifically, long layered cuts and choppy pixie cuts look best. If they desire for a layered cut, choose long, staggered layers that start at the jawline. They may also add a short side fringe that finishes at the eye to help lengthen the face. Women with round faces should avoid, steer clear of bobs and single-length cuts along with short layers, that balloon around the face, and full curls, that also enhances the appearance of roundness.

, Ultimate Guide to Women’s Fashion, Outdressing
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Fifth, is a heart-shaped face. The Heart face features a broad forehead and cheekbones with a narrow jawline and chin. They should aim to balance their face shape with a cut that reduces the brow width and boosts the width of the lower half of the face. A long side-swept cut will mask part of your forehead while drawing everyone’s eyes down to the bottom of the face. They can also pair this cut with waves or curls which starts below the ear to even out the angled jaw. Otherwise, a side-parted pixie cut with textured ends can also appear gorgeous on a heart face shape, as can a bob or lob, which will ensure fullness around your jaw.

Sixth, is a square-shaped face. It  features a large forehead, with wide cheekbones, and a strong jawline. Women who have a square face should select a cut that softens all these features. For a look that complements the facial construction, consider a side-parted style, which will counterbalance the squareness. Long layers can also be pleasing, and it will help to cover the sharp angles of your face. If they desire a cropped length, they should consider a short, layered bob. Although, remember to add side-swept bangs, as it will draw attention to the cheekbones rather than the jawline.

Lastly, Diamond. It features a slim forehead and jawline with cheekbones at the widest point of the face. For the most flattering appearance, ladies with diamond face shapes should soften their sharp angles and balance their cheekbones. For a gentle look, consider a medium or long layered cut worn with ruffled waves and a deep side part. If they wish to widen their jaw, a chin-length bob will work the best. Furthermore, if they want a simple updo, they may do a pulled back ponytail that will show off the cheekbones while also widening the appearance of the forehead.

Of course, styling the hair is only half the battle. They should also take care of the hair, wash and rinse it thoroughly every day, and aside from that, you must comb it vigorously but gently because that will smoothen and detangle the hair while also spreading the natural oils on the scalp. Select good hair products, these don’t have to be that expensive as long as it has no harmful chemicals and it caters to what the hair needs.

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