Boyfriend Clothes, The 4 Best Ways to Wear Boyfriend Clothes, Outdressing

The 4 Best Ways to Wear Boyfriend Clothes

One of the perks of having a boyfriend is the access to boyfriend clothes and while not all are a girl’s cup of tea, he does have a few pieces here and there that fit a day’s outfit! And let’s be honest! His basic graphic shirt is way more comfortable than that form-fitting top you picked up yourself. Plus they are more versatile to style and wear. So if you are wondering how to wear boyfriend clothes, we have top tips for you! 

How to Wear Boyfriend Clothes

Bf’s clothes are perfect for days when you want to dress light, comfortable, and carefree. It could be a quick errand to the store, or maybe a walk to the dog park, just grab a random shirt from your boyfriend’s pile of clothes and you are good to go! 

One of the best things about your boyfriend’s clothes is that most of these are basic tees and items, which makes them easy to style and wear. They are versatile pieces that when styled right can be a whole new outfit that will have everyone’s eyes on you. 

It’s important to take note that you don’t necessarily need a boyfriend to rock a “boyfriend-clothes” outfit. You can always take a look at the men’s section for fashion pieces that you might like or thrift at your local stores. The options are limitless and so are your outfits! 

Here are some helpful tips and useful ways how to wear boyfriend clothes. Read on! 

Oversized Shirts

There’s a big chance that you don’t wear the same size as your boyfriend’s clothes. This makes his shirts and sweatshirts extremely big and unflattering. But don’t let that get to you! In fact, its oversized fit is an advantage and is extremely wearable. 

For a chill day outside, you can pair your bf’s oversized shirt or cardigan with fitting leggings or tights that will emphasize your legs. If the shirt’s long enough, you can forego bottoms and wear them with either sneakers or strappy sandals and accessories. 

Oversized shirts are also perfect gym outfits. If you are not particularly fond of leggings and sports bras while working, boyfie’s sweatpants and t-shirts will do the job! They’ll allow your body enough air ventilation and they are comfortable to work out in.

Boyfriend Jeans

Your boyfriend’s jeans are more challenging to rock than his basic tees since there’s always that chance it’s going to be too big or too long or both! But over the recent years, the baggy style that boyfriend jeans offer has been making rounds in the fashion world and has been really popular for a girl’s everyday outfit. You can buy one with a fit you like or style your boyfriend’s jeans and make it yours! 

It’s baggy and comfortable and you can even pair it with heels if you are feeling a bit fancy. 

Boyfriend Clothes, The 4 Best Ways to Wear Boyfriend Clothes, Outdressing


For sure, your boyfriend has one of those button-ups he uses for the office or for formal events. Button-ups are straightforward clothing pieces and most of the time, they work best with slacks, shiny leather shoes, and brushed-up hair. But if you are feeling adventurous, your boyfriend’s button-ups might just become a wardrobe staple.

Aside from plain button-ups, if the bf has some plaids in the closet, you can make use of them as well to add spice to your plain bottoms. 

There are multiple ways to style oversized button-ups. For one, you can wear them as a dress, with denim jeans, with skirts, tie a knot to form-fit them a bit, as a cover-up, with shorts, with sneakers, and even with heels! 

Boyfriend Clothes, The 4 Best Ways to Wear Boyfriend Clothes, Outdressing


There is something appealing about a jacket worn over a fitting dress. And fortunately, your boyfriend will always have that one loose jacket or blazer that you can use to spice up your outfit. The sleeves might be too long but scrunching them up towards your elbow will give you an effortless and chic look. 

Aside from this, you can also use boyfie’s casual jacket and hoodies for a cold night out. Talk about comfy and warm! 

Boyfriend Clothes, The 4 Best Ways to Wear Boyfriend Clothes, Outdressing
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