Workwear Brands, The Best Workwear Brands of 2022, Outdressing

The Best Workwear Brands of 2022

Shopping for work attire can be challenging since these are outfits that have a specific set of criteria. This means to say that you just can’t pluck an item off the rack and wear it to the office, without considering if it’s appropriate, formal, or professional enough. But all hope is not lost for stylish work clothes when we have workwear brands that specifically cater to our needs! The best thing is these clothes are so versatile they can even make it to your everyday casual outfits. 

So if you are going back to the office anytime soon, here are the best workwear brands you can do a haul on! 

Workwear Brands, The Best Workwear Brands of 2022, Outdressing

The Best Workwear Brands

Work attire doesn’t mean dull and boring, especially when you know where to look. If you’ve been meaning to do some office outfits, here are the best workwear brands to shop at! 


If you want to build a working wardrobe filled with timeless and clean office outfits, the best way to go is with Joseph. The brand is well-known for its classic pieces, including camel coats, silk white shirts, and tailored trousers and skirts. If you want real clothing investment, the best way to go is to buy classically-designed items which you can wear for years without falling out of trends and Joseph gives exactly just that. 

The Frankie Shop

A few seasons ago, The Frankie Shop made a big hit when it released its boilersuit which instantly became a crowd favorite. Since then, the brand has continuously launched chic designs on modern workwear. This includes oversized blazers, beautiful waistcoats, as well as classic basics. 


Vince is a California-based label that describes itself as “understated luxury.” The brand puts emphasis on high-quality and classic designs, such as cashmere sweaters, relaxed linen tailoring, and stunning tops and shirts perfect for layering. It’s an impressive label that’ll help you build a work wardrobe that you can wear for years. 


Recently, the idea of workwear has evolved as workers spend less and less time in the office. This means that some of your work-specific pieces are comfortable enough for daily use but with extra details that make them appropriate for the office. If you are looking for fashion items like this, we recommend Aje and their fresh take on separates and suits that’ll stun people both on the streets and in the boardroom. 


Tibi is one of New York Fashion Week goers favorite labels. It’s a workwear-focused brand with a twist that everyone surely loves. The company has classic and elegant pieces but it also has playful designs, with a tint of modernity and femininity. Here we have bright yellow blazers, striped dresses, and work-appropriate shorts. If you want to go to work with style, you need to check out Tibi. 

Low Classic

For a workwear-specific capsule wardrobe, Low Classic is definitely a label to shop at. Based in Seoul and founded by Lee Myoungsin, Low Classic has become a favorite due to its minimalist and contemporary collections that are perfect for work attire. Head on to discover the beauty of chic belted blazers, wrap skirts, sharp shirts, and flared trousers, that’ll level up your work wardrobe. 

Veronica Beard

Two sisters-in-law who both share the name Veronica Beard think it’s high time to release their own clothing brand and here we are. Veronica Beard is a crowd-pleaser, with many A-list stars wearing the brand, including the Duchess of Sussex, Amal Clooney, and Michelle Obama. The items are relaxed and effortless and allow you to create a uniform from their collections. It is made for women who are living busy lives. 

Banana Republic

For most office workers, Banana Republic is their go-to brand for their nine-to-five wardrobe needs. Not only does that the label have all the basic corporate attire one needs, but most of their items, such as dresses, suit sets, and button-up shirts cost under $200. The store also has discounts and deals almost every day. 


You can never go wrong with trustworthy Uniqlo. It is a top-ranked clothing store that offers good quality and affordable clothes. They have work clothes that can spill into casual wear, including shirts and blouses under $30 and tailored pants pricing below $40. 

Ministry of Supply

Ministry of Supply has really stepped up the game when it released a collection of work-ready apparel. The Boston-based label has science in, designed, and engineered clothes without the fragility that apparel usually has. Their blouses are wrinkle-resistant, moisture-wicking, and machine washable while their pants stretched enough to survive a full day of sitting at a desk. 

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